PS5 and PS4: Sony revolutionizes the Trophies, here are the news

PS5 and PS4: Sony revolutionizes the Trophies, here are the news
Today Sony has decided to show gamers a complete teardown of PS5, its next generation console. However, this is not the only news coming to the PlayStation ecosystem. Through the PS Blog, in fact, Toshimasa Aoki, Director of Product Management, has announced a revolution for Trophies! Ready to find out the details?

PS5 and PS4 Trophies

Starting with the next update, the trophy levels will be divided into new value bands. As you know, in fact, trophies are not categorized only as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, but also have a numerical value that creates your level. Now, trophies will have new PS5 and PS4 trophy scoring management. It will change from the current 1-100 to 1-999.

Your Trophy Level will be displayed with new icons depending on the tier, which you can find below.

My Trophy level will change?

Yes, the new system counts the points you have earned so far in a different way, so your Trophy level will change automatically. Basically, your level will be higher, but within a different scale of values. For example, if your current level is 12/100, with the new system it will become about 200/999.

Will I lose my Trophies or will something change in the games?

No, there will be no changes to trophies obtained or information about trophies. This is just a new way to calculate Trophy levels.

Why this change?

Sony explains that as a result of this change “players will advance faster between the first levels and levels they will increase more regularly. Platinum trophies will count more towards progress between levels, becoming even more valuable. "The aim is to make the progression system within the PlayStation trophy levels more rewarding.

Will the trophies already obtained be valid on PS5?

Sony also confirms information that we all took for granted: yes, the trophies obtained so far on PS3, PS Vita and PS4 will be moved to PS5.

When will these updates arrive?

The updates dedicated to the Trophy Level will be available on PS4 tomorrow, in Europe. Although it is not specified, it will be active on PS5 from launch as the system is unique for all consoles.

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