Cheap Laser Printers | The best of October 2020

Cheap Laser Printers | The best of October 2020
The digitization of data (such as documents and photographs) has pushed the printer to take a back seat, highlighting the memory of our devices, whether they are computers, tablets and smartphones. However, the transition from print to digital is not yet complete, and there is a significant circle of people who still use a printer, or even multiple printers, for home use today. The market, nowadays, offers many models on the market, equipped with the most disparate features. In this article we want to recommend the best economic laser printers, focusing on those products characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio.

Read also: The best economic inkjet printers Before moving on to the review of the best laser printers economic, it should be noted that we have chosen on the basis of three basic parameters, namely: printing speed (one of the advantages of these machines compared to traditional ones), multifunction and - of course - the selling price as specified above. The reference point is Amazon Italy, which has always been a guarantee in the e-commerce landscape of the world.

Editor's note: we have updated the article to 06/10/2020 with a new addition.

The best cheap laser printers

Brother HLL2310D HP LaserJet Pro M15a Lexmark B2236dw HP Laser 107w HP LaserJet Pro M28w Brother DCPL2510D Lexmark MB2236adw HP M203DN LaserJet Pro

Brother HLL2310D

Laser printers are machines designed to perform at their best in small offices or in homes with a continuous printing need. As a result, they come with a really fast print speed and can almost always make a difference. Let's start the guide with the Brother HLL2310D printer, characterized by a silent mode, which allows to maintain a high printing speed by reducing the acoustic emission in decibels to the lowest value of the category (- 50 dB).

»Click here to buy Brother HLL2310D, speed 30ppm

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» Click here to buy Brother HLL2310D, speed 34ppm + Network Card

»Click here to buy Brother HLL2310D, speed 34 ppm + Network Card + WiFi

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HP LaserJet Pro M15a

Are you interested in purchasing a compact printer? HP has thought of you with the LaserJet Pro M15a model! It is a laser printer featuring a series of technological innovations that make it attractive to a very wide audience. First of all, its tray can hold up to 150 sheets, while the print speed can reach 18/19 ppm. In addition to these features, the printer in question benefits from HP Auto-On / Auto-Off technology, which also allows it to contribute to energy savings. Its selling price? 69.99 euros!

»Click here to buy HP LaserJet Pro M15a

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Lexmark B2236dw

Lexmark B2236dw is a multifunction printer capable of guaranteeing high performance in any situation and environment, from the home to the professional one such as offices. This device has a print speed of up to 34 pages per minute, and a maximum monthly sheet volume of 250-2,500 pages, while the toner can guarantee up to 6000 pages. Its price? About 85 euros, a very low figure considering its performance and build quality of the product.

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HP Laser 107w

For those interested in an affordable semi-professional laser printer, we highly recommend purchasing the HP Laser 107w. As the name implies, this device does not produce ink prints, but rather through the use of a monochrome laser toner. Thanks to ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Page) technology, printing is always of excellent quality, thanks to the high resolution and polymer toners, which increase the sharpness of images and text. Going into the technical specifications, this machine has a print speed of up to 20 ppm and a maximum resolution of 1200 × 1200 dpi. In addition, the trolley can hold up to 150 sheets, with internal adapters for formats from 10x15cm to A4. The price? Only 98.99 euros!

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HP LaserJet Pro M28w

Created for semi-professional use, the HP LaserJet Pro M28w is also suitable for home use and for very small businesses. Being a multifunctional product, it is able to perfectly manage three different types of activities (prints, copies and scans) with the utmost simplicity, through a convenient icon LCD screen. Of course, this printer can connect with the HP Smart application and Wifi-Direct. As if that were not enough, this device can print 18 pages per minute, up to 600 dpi and supports formats from 10 x 15 up to A4. Its recommended retail price is € 119.00.

»Click here to buy HP LaserJet Pro M28w

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Brother DCPL2510D

Among the best cheap laser printers we certainly find the Brother DCPL2510D printer. It is therefore a machine also designed for small offices and for home use, which guarantees excellent printing speed (up to 30 ppm) and an LCD display to manage all operations. Being a multifunction device, it allows you to print, photocopy and scan documents or files with the utmost simplicity. In addition, the drawer can hold up to 250 sheets, while the autonomy can reach 3000 pages (depending on the toner chosen). In short, for 120 euros you can't ask for better!

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Lexmark MB2236adw

Lexmark, we know, produces products of the highest level for both professional and home use. Among the giant's proposals, we recommend that you take a look at the Lexmark MB2236adw multifunction printer because, thanks to its technical characteristics, it represents an excellent alternative to the many devices in this market segment. Entering the technical specifications, this printer boasts high performance by virtue of the fact that it can print at a speed of 34 pages per minute. As if this last aspect were not enough, this Lexmark prints on two sides and has the fax reception function. Its selling price? 133 euro!

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HP M203DN LaserJet Pro

Thought for business, but also winks at families! The HP M203DN LaserJet Pro MFP has all the qualities to ensure excellent performance in both home and business environments. This product, thanks to the technologies implemented by HP, can print documents in just 7 seconds in two different ways, offline via cable and online via wireless or using Google Cloud Print. Do not miss all the assistance of the manufacturer and the remote monitoring function that allows you to have updated information on the status of the machine. If you are interested, you can buy this little gem for 156.99 euros!

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