PS5: 664 GB on the SSD, is the worrying news real?

PS5: 664 GB on the SSD, is the worrying news real?
The first PS5 units are already in the hands of the specialized press and youtuber. Waiting to receive official details and information, however, some leaks have been released on Sony's next-gen console. Well, after seeing the PS5 boot sequence video and an unusual black DualSense online, a series of photos regarding the PS5 SSD are also leaked on the web, revealing its 664 GB of usable storage space.

Once again, photographs in circulation and revealing more details on PS5 have been spotted on ResetEra. Specifically, they show a Russian-language user interface and, although there is no official proof of the veracity of these images, 664GB of actual and usable memory on the PS5's SSD doesn't seem to be that unlikely. However, the hope is that at least the costs for Sony-certified expandable storage devices will not skyrocket.

So, early data shows that the 1TB Xbox Series X usable is 802 GB - considering that the operating system occupies 128 GB - while on PS5, equipped with SSD of 825 GB, the available space is 664 GB - with the operating system occupying 104 GB of space. Having 664GB is certainly not exciting, especially considering how much space some games like Call of Duty: Warzone take up. Many users, in fact, have already proved to be quite disappointed, since the risk is precisely that of running out of space quickly.

From the same images it would also be possible to trace the dimensions of Astro's Playroom - which we remember is a free demo game, probably designed to be able to spend some quality time with the new console, without expecting it to last many hours. According to the new leaked photos, the weight of the game would correspond to 2.38 GB - equal to a third of Astrobot: Rescue Mission. Pending confirmation and official information, we invite readers to take these sources with due precautions. We will update you promptly as soon as we know more.

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