Podcaster becomes one: here is a microphone on occasion

Podcaster becomes one: here is a microphone on occasion
The podcast is one of the important new ways to tell a story, convey a lesson, communicate a brand or stuff an editorial product. Podcaster is not improvised: you need rhythm, quality, editing, strategy. But first of all, an elementary technology is needed to be able to obtain recordings at the height. Can 39.31 euros be enough? To begin with, they can absolutely be enough.

Podcaster, where to start

It is indeed important to rely on microphones with specific characteristics: you can even spend very high figures, because on the microphones the quality it can reach levels of excellence by requiring investments that are certainly not negligible. At the same time, to begin with, it is not necessary to start from the top of the range, nor to immediately budget for expensive investments in equipment that would then have to deal with other bottlenecks: the necessary learning in narrative techniques, editing software, soundtracks or other. more.

To begin with, in short, you need something like this:

[...] equipped with a 16 mm wide diaphragm, wide frequency response (from 20 Hz at 20KHz) and professional audio chipset, the VeGue USB microphone offers a perfect combination of clarity, warmth, extended dynamic range and high SPL capability. The cardioid condenser capsule allows this USB microphone to capture pristine and precise sound. With built-in soundproof cotton, it will cut out most of the unnecessary noise and return the most real sound for you.

VeGue offers only for today on offer its kit with cardioid condenser microphone equipped with extension arm to optimize its positioning in any position: 27% the expected discount, lowering the cost from 54.99 to 39, 91 euros.

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