Oculus Quest 2: All games owned are lost if Facebook account is lost

Oculus Quest 2: All games owned are lost if Facebook account is lost
If you own an Oculus headset, especially the very recent Oculus Quest 2, be very careful, because losing or deleting the Facebook account connected to it will also lose all the games purchased. The problem is that the same happens even if Facebook itself deletes your account, perhaps following a permanent ban.

Already the fact of having to necessarily connect a Facebook account to Oculus viewers to use them had made us turn up the nose to more than someone, but now we are really at the paradox. For example, it may happen to write a post that does not appeal to the moderation of Facebook and to find yourself without the games purchased for Oculus Quest 2 and without the possibility of using the peripheral. Another case: if for some reason the need arises to make a new Facebook account by deleting the old one, it is currently not possible to bring purchases from one to the other. Facebook for those who own an older viewer than Oculus Quest 2 will trigger in 2023, but currently the system seems to be really a trap, with users who risk losing applications, purchases, credits, objectives and messages from morning to evening.

Facebook has not yet set up a system to recover the stolen goods in case of problems. Furthermore, Oculus Quest 2 sales have been blocked in Germany, where the legislator rightly wants to understand why there is a need to share personal data with Facebook to use the device.


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