New McLaren hybrid in final testing before market release

New McLaren hybrid in final testing before market release
McLaren is preparing for the start of a new era, with entry into the electric market scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

We are talking about the future McLaren hybrid, the first completely new car that McLaren will market since 2011, when it released the MP4-12C. The new model will be powered by a V6 plug-in hybrid made, once again, by the British company Ricardo, which specializes in engineering, testing and construction of small series of engines. The new proposal, which to date does not yet have an official name, is based on a twin-turbine V6 engine, capable of offering "exceptional levels of performance and an incredibly intense driving experience". The engine should deliver more than 600 horsepower, as well as have a lot of torque thanks to the support of the electric.

The company could propose a dual engine setup, so as to make its new gem even more snappy, as well as offer up to 30 km of autonomy using only the electric motor. Despite the addition of an electric motor and battery pack, McLaren's new proposal should not weigh more than similar non-hybrid models, and we therefore expect a weight of around 1500 kg.

This is the first model made with the MCLA, McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture, specially designed to accommodate the hybrid power supplies of the next generation of McLaren. It is made at the McLaren Composites Technology Center in Sheffield, and combines a central carbon fiber structure with aluminum subframes. Defined as a revolutionary solution by the CEO of McLaren Flewitt, the innovative chassis will offer high flexibility of use and we could therefore also find it on board future proposals not yet anticipated.

The project has now reached its final stages, with the first prototypes - obviously camouflaged - already in the testing and finishing phase, so we look forward to seeing the new car speeding through our roads soon in the first half of 2021 There is no information about the price yet: will it be a true successor to the 570S (194 thousand euros) or will we be faced with a price more similar to that of a 720S (265 thousand euros)? Only time will give us an answer.

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