Millenium changes its name and becomes MGG

Millenium changes its name and becomes MGG
Millenium, the site dedicated to eSport and video game news founded in 2006, decides to change its name in order to highlight its new objectives as well as its new content.

Millenium therefore becomes MGG , M for Millenium and GG for "Good Game" which, as you probably already know, designates an expression frequently used in the world of eSports and more generally of video games. Obviously, despite the adoption of its new name, Millenium, or rather MGG, continues and will continue to share content related to eSports, however new formats will come to life under this new name as programs embodied by the journalists of the writing, reports and interviews and the launch of Mag Esport, a magazine broadcast directly on the ES1 channel.

But this new name also hides a new desire, that of extending the MGG brand towards international development . Indeed, in addition to the play on words “Millenium” and “Good Game”, MGG also designates the URL which is now the address of all MGG sites including the Brazilian version which was launched at the beginning of the week. .

We have strong ambitions for this new MGG brand, both in its initial market, France, and internationally. MGG is indeed already the world's leading network of sites dedicated to esports and we will soon accelerate its development by relying on Webedia subsidiaries which operate in more than 20 countries. For that, we needed a new brand that fits in with current codes while building on the heritage and expertise that have made Millenium the benchmark site that it is. Bertrand Amar, eSport activities director of the Webedia group

Millenium changes its name and becomes MGG

Loading the video MGG is a subsidiary of Webedia

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