Magic The Gathering: new beneficial Secret Lair coming

Magic The Gathering: new beneficial Secret Lair coming
A new beneficial Secret Lair of Magic The Gathering has been announced by Wizards of the Coast and will see pre-orders open starting in early November.

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Extra Life 2020 will be the name of the new Secret Lair of Magic The Gatherin g, which will have a beneficial intent: in fact, half of the proceeds will be donated to the association Extra Life, which supports US children's hospitals.

This particular set will include four foil cards with alternative illustrations, inherent in the importance of having a family and how much let children's lives be precious.

Extra Life 2020 pre-orders will start on November 6th directly from this site and will be possible for three days. If you are a collector and you want to support the cause, do not let it escape!

In addition, always for the same initiative, special Playmats will be sold (or mats on which it is possible to play), with the illustrations of the cards shown above of the Secret Lair, of which part of the proceeds will always be donated to Extra Life. They will be available on the same dates and for the same period of time, but must be purchased from this site.

The Secret Lairs are special sets (or Drops) containing some limited edition cards , often reprints with alternative illustrations of well-known cards, enclosed in a quality packaging. Their peculiarity is their limited availability: they are, in fact, available only for 24 hours or for a few days, and then never be reprinted again. Each Secret Lair has a dedicated theme: the female figure, dogs, goblins and so on and they are invaluable (just look at how much they are worth on eBay and the like).

If you are a collector, you certainly cannot miss it!

If you have never played Magic The Gathering, you can start your approach to the game starting from this handy Starter Kit, which you can buy simply by clicking on this link.

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