Genshin Impact, Noelle comes to life in this cosplay

Genshin Impact, Noelle comes to life in this cosplay
Genshin Impact is the game of the moment, and as long as it remains we will see new cosplays within acceptable time distances from each other. In the early afternoon of today, Monday 19 October 2020, we can for example show you a costume dedicated to Noelle.

Noelle is a very powerful and useful character in Genshin Impact: from the point of view of plot, it is a maid that aspires to enter the order of the Knights of Favonius; we hope it succeeds at some point. The cosplay was made by a Korean cosplayer with an unpronounceable name, then posted on Instagram by

Immediately it was received in a very positive way by the community: so here you are below the image of Noelle's cosplay. What do you think? Let us know with a nice comment. You can add it to your collection, which currently also includes Diluc and Lisa the witch costumes.

View this post on Instagram 再 ポ ス ト ~! Character: ✨Noelle (Genshin Impact) ✨ Cosplayer: ✨ @ 姜 生 花 _ (Weibo) ✨. Go follow the account 👆 for more of her amazing cosplay art ~! O (≧ ∇ ≦) Oa Show support ~! ✨💖. . ======================================== Go follow @ for more upcoming updates ❣❣ Also don't forget to like our posts to make yourself a happier person ~ ❣❣. ======================================== # ️⃣HASH & TAG # ️⃣ #cosplay #cosplays #cosplayanime #animecosplay # コ ス プ レ # コ ス プ レ ヤ ー # コ ス プ レ イ ヤ ー さ ん と 繋 が り た い # コ ス プ レ 好 き # ア ニ メ #anime #animelovers #sunny_ricardoh # ア ニ メ 好 き な 人 と 繋 が り た い # ア ニ メ 好 き # か わ い い #kawaii #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #photoshootday #kawaiifashion #cosplayphotoshoot #cosplayphotography # 写真 家 # 写真 家 さ ん と 繋 が り た い #noelle #noellecosplay #genshinimpact #genshinimpactcosplay

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