John McAfee was arrested for tax evasion

John McAfee was arrested for tax evasion

The founder of the cybersecurity company of the same name has been arrested in Spain on charges of not declaring income from the sale of cryptocurrencies in the United States

John McAfee (Photo by Larry Marano / WireImage) The programmer John McAfee, founder of antivirus software company McAfee, is hardly a new name for US courts. but now the US Department of Justice has announced that the businessman has been arrested in Spain on charges of tax evasion and fraud in connection with his activities in the cryptocurrency sector.

The judges then ask for his extradition to the United States in order to try him and claim that McAfee has "earned millions of revenue from the promotion of cryptocurrencies, consultancy, the sale of rights to make a documentary about his life and various talks ”, without ever declaring those revenues. Now he faces nearly 30 years in prison overall for the various charges he is being charged with.

As we read on TechCrunch, McAfee is accused of failing to file any tax returns in the period between 2016 and 2018, with five charges for tax evasion, each punishable with sentences of up to five years, and another five for having voluntarily tried to conceal other income deriving from personal entrepreneurial activities from the tax authorities, including the proceeds from the sale of the rights to a documentary dedicated to him, in this case for sentences of one year for each charge.

At the same time, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), the American equivalent of Consob, accuses McAfee of having earned over $ 23.1 million in cryptocurrency assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens, through the alteration of some Ico (initial coin offerings). The entrepreneur, between 2017 and 2018 would in fact have promoted the purchase of these new tokens through Twitter without declaring to be paid to do so, thus potentially altering the trend of these new electronic coins.

Previous troubles with justice

The businessman fled the United States in the past, where in 2015 he was also a presidential candidate for the Libertarian party, because he was accused of using cryptocurrencies for criminal purposes. In addition, in 2012 in Belize, a central American state he moved to to escape American justice again, McAfee was first arrested and then released for possession of undeclared weapons and cultivation of unlicensed drugs, and later. had been involved as a fact-aware person in the investigation into the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull.

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