Best PC Fans | October 2020

Best PC Fans | October 2020
In this buying guide you will find the best PC fans, that component that often tends to be considered secondary, but which plays an important role in the entire stability of our machine. We will therefore try to explain some fundamental parameters relating to this component, and subsequently the best models recommended by us.

Generally, the vast majority of users tend to rely exclusively on the fans included in their case (if are), or to the proprietary ones included with the heatsink. However, there are some technical aspects to consider to make a more informed choice. Technical aspects that the best PC fans will surely be able to satisfy, in order to obtain the best performance from our components.

The main parameters to keep an eye on

Rotation speed , noise and dimensions

The rotation speed refers to the motor and, to the blades, which together make up the structure of the fans. Expressed in RPM (Rotations per minute), it is obviously among the first parameters to take into consideration to buy the best PC fans. This value is closely linked to two other parameters: the size of the fan and the noise generated, indicated in dBA (decibels) on the measurement scale that takes into account the sensitivity of the human ear to low frequencies. The latter, however, is a very personal parameter in terms of noise perception.

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