Intel's memories to SK Hynix for 9 billion

Intel's memories to SK Hynix for 9 billion
Major acquisition announced in hardware solutions market: SK Hynix writes a check worth $ 9 billion and takes over Intel's memory business. As part of the agreement reached, the US company also sells its manufacturing facility located in Dalian, China to its South Korean counterpart.

SK Hynix buys Intel's storage business

It is not an operation destined to close immediately: following the green light of the competent authorities, the payment will be made in two tranches, one of 7 billion by the end of 2021 and the other of 2 billion by the beginning of 2025. The investment will allow for the handover of the division to work on NANDs as well as the construction of SSDs and wafers. The Optanas, on the other hand, remain under the control of the Santa Clara chipmaker who, following the agreement, will have the opportunity to focus more on its core business, the one related to processors. its position and increase its market share in the field of storage solutions, throwing its own gauntlet to competitors, Samsung above all. These are the words of CEO Seok-Hee Lee.

Just delighted to see SK Hynix and Intel's NAND division, which led the innovation in this technology, work together to build a new future. Based on each other's technologies and expertise, SK Hynix will proactively respond to various customer needs and optimize our business structure, expanding our portfolio in the NAND flash segment comparable to what we have done in DRAM.

Staying on the subject, in recent weeks we have written about SK Hynix on these pages due to an announcement, the one relating to the creation of the first DDR5 RAM module (in the image above) with DDR5-4800 chip and speed between 4,800 and 5,600 Mbps.

Source: SK Hynix

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