Intel Xe, check a Dual GPU configuration in a benchmark

Intel Xe, check a Dual GPU configuration in a benchmark
Well-known Twitter user @Tum_Apisak has identified two Intel Gen12 Xe GPUs not yet announced that, according to the benchmark in the SiSoftware database, worked in unison. This will likely create further speculation that Tiger Lake-U processors can theoretically run in multi-GPU configurations with Intel's dedicated graphics cards.

The thought of a dedicated graphics card that works in synergy with the GPU integrated looks pretty cool, especially since the leaked benchmarks of the Xe units have always aimed at a single GPU. However, we cannot rule out the likelihood that this is an error with the SiSoftware software being used.

The dual-GPU configuration reportedly features a total of 192 Execution Units (EUs) for 1,536 shader cores. Apparently, the rest of the hardware package includes 6.2GB of memory and 2MB of L2 cache built in. The dual GPU completed the benchmark with a clock speed of 1.25GHz.

The Intel DG1 GPU is said to bea> able to reach up to 96 EU, while the number indicated is exactly double. Recall that the maximum graphics configuration on Tiger Lake-U is 96 UEs, so the remaining UEs could belong to the processor. SiSoftware reports that the test platform is based on a Tiger Lake-U processor, so this would confirm this theory.

Tiger Lake-U CPUs (UP3 class) with 96 EUs offer maximum clock speeds ranging from 1.3GHz and 1.35GHz. Similar to NVIDIA's SLI technology or AMD's CrossFire technology, Intel DG1 and iGPU Xe may be able to combine their power to deliver better performance. In SLI and CrossFire configurations, GPUs normally run at the lower clock speed of the two. Intel has not indicated the base clock speeds of the iGPU for the Tiger Lake-U chips and so, for now, we can only assume that 1.25 GHz may match the DG1.

However, Intel may prepare devices more powerfull. Last week a particular Gen12 GPU emerged (via @Tum_Apisak) with 128 EU and 3B of memory. The unit was also equipped with 1MB of L2 cache and ran at a clock rate of 1.4 GHz. This particular sample resided on a Coffee Lake-S platform, suggesting that it may be the dedicated DG1 graphics card.

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