Immune, the surge in downloads continues

Immune, the surge in downloads continues
It is not clear whether this is the effect of the ongoing promotional campaign, or whether it is perhaps a reaction to the surge in infections and the consequent distrust of returning after excessive summer freedoms. It could also be the combination of the two circumstances, such that a need shifts to a possible solution and together there is the effect of a greater social commitment. The fact is that the number of downloads of the Immuni app is continuing to increase and this can only be good news.

Immuni over 8 million downloads

On the day of yesterday 8 million downloads were exceeded, so celebrated by the app communication team:

Actually we are at 8.14 million, but it is difficult to keep up with all the citizens who have decided to protect their loved ones and the country 🇮🇹 by downloading #immuni 😉👍

- Immuni App (@immuni_app) October 10, 2020

You may be wondering , rightly, how many are the real users of Immune; I know, you might legitimately ask if there is still some work to be done to improve health protocols related to contact tracing via app. However, the era of questions has already had ample space and, frankly, now is the time for answers. The first big response came from the Italians, at first very wary of the app and now more open to the possibility of downloading Immuni to bring it to your smartphone. Out of defense, out of a spirit of social collaboration, out of curiosity, to see the effect it has: whatever the motivation, the trend is finally clear.

According to the latest official data communicated, 8300 notifications have already been sent thanks to the voluntary reporting of 477 positive users.

Resilience is a concept that indicates the ability to deal profitably with traumatic events, maintaining the maximum possible degree of society functioning, positively reorganizing society during difficulties and without losing one's identity. In the face of a traumatic and unexpected event, two operations must be done quickly and effectively: understanding to resist and understanding to react and initiate reorganization processes. To implement these two operations, data analysis is an indispensable tool

Paola Pisano

At this stage Italy is registering an increasing number of tampons and an increasing number of positivity . The two figures go in parallel, but at the same time also goes the strength with which the country manages to crush the contagion clusters, preventing the situation from being lost out of hand. New restrictions will have to further stifle the increase in the pandemic recorded in recent weeks, but the widespread use of Immuni is a great help in making this whole process more efficient.

It will be a battle lasting all winter and beyond, but culture, knowledge and tools are now there: all that remains is to exploit them. However, they should be exploited well.

The Sansa case

In these hours, a vitriolic post by Ferruccio Sansa, who, in recounting his post-positivity odyssey, has heavily Immuni criticized because of the inefficiency demonstrated by the ASL of reference.

THE REALITY ABOUT COVID, I TELL YOU THE VIRUS SEEN FROM THE BED In the end to warn my contacts I had to do a ...

Published by Ferruccio Sansa on Saturday 10 October 2020

The story does not point the finger directly at the app, but at the way in which the app itself is managed by the ASL (in this Ligurian case) .:

In the end, to warn my contacts I had to make a post on Facebook. Other than Immune. Other than tracing.

The story, which clearly cannot be immediately verified and which gathers all the indignation of a citizen who felt abandoned by the local authorities, tells an unfortunate story that could also happen to others. The case now deserves a formal response from the Region and from the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization, so as to understand what may have happened and why the protocols related to Immuni have not been applied. To clarify, in short: not to distribute blame (this is not the time) but to understand what can be done to restore efficiency to the system and trust to people. The people who are downloading the app deserve it, who make themselves available and who deserve to do the best to optimize this tracking and prevention tool.

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