Saturday 10 October, third day of IF2020

Saturday 10 October, third day of IF2020
The third day of the 2020 Internet Festival is Paola Pisano's day. Inevitably, this is the fulcrum of this day: the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization will be in connection to address the many issues that concern her mandate in this very complex year. The figure of Pisano has been crucial in recent months not only for what has been the role of the ministry in the development of the Immuni app, but also for what innovation represents in this phase of reaction to Covid through the digital transformation.

Alessandro Vespignani, a scholar of computational epidemiology, will also discuss the topic; Paolo De Rosa, Dino Pedreschi and Fosca Giannotti of the anti Covid task force; Walter Quattrociocchi, fake news expert; Agnese Pini, director of La Nazione and Alberto Floris D’Arcais. The moderation is entrusted to the director of the festival, Claudio Giua.

But Internet Festival, as always, is full of events and the time available in the streets of Pisa is never enough: these are some of the events suggested by the Festival for this third day of the event.

Two literary events scheduled at the Ghibellina bookshop. Viola Bachini and Maurizio Tesconi, authors of Fake People. Stories of Social Bots and Digital Liars (Code), will be the protagonists of a foray into the variegated fake universe, from news to profiles to automatic programs, supported by Daniele Gambetta (4.30 pm). Riccardo Falcinelli, art director of the main Italian publishing houses including Einaudi, Laterza, Zanichelli, will be interviewed by Matteo Pelliti. At the center of the conversation, the volume just published on Einaudi Figure. How images from the Renaissance to Instagram work an excursus on the evolution of the visual arts from fifteenth-century workshops to social networks (6 pm). Do not miss the appointment at the Cinema Arsenale with the actor and director Marcello Macchia aka Maccio Capatonda. IF2020 dedicates a day-event to him, Satire at the time of quarantine, which will see him engaged in the presentation of two screenings of the entire cycle of episodes of his news, and in a real masterclass in which he will tell about his career (projections 6 and 7 pm; masterclass 9 pm; reservations required).

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