Immune between the boom of notifications and de Magistris

Immune between the boom of notifications and de Magistris
Over 2,000 new notifications sent in just three days. This is the number made known by the official Immuni social profile, testifying to how, albeit slower than expected and hoped for, the Italian contact tracing project is accelerating in the last period, unfortunately accompanied by an increase in volume. of new infections.

Immuni's notifications are multiplying

This is perhaps also due to the information and communication campaign strongly desired by the institutions and which has recently seen a large part of the local press join. The updated data as of yesterday speaks of 7,361 notifications shown by the application, from 13 July to 8 October. On Monday it was 5,329. This means that thousands of compatriots have seen a message appear on their smartphones that warns them that they have been in contact with a person who was later found to be positive for COVID-19, allowing them to protect themselves and others as a result, isolating themselves and subjecting themselves to test.

The importance of #immuni in the fight against # covid19 lies in the numbers. Since July 13, the app has sent 7,361 notifications of risk exposure, helping to counter the spread of the #coronavirus.

- Immuni App (@immuni_app) October 8, 2020

The no of Luigi de Magistris: “I am not convinced”

So all right? Have we finally taken the right path to make Immune the extra weapon (certainly not the only one) in the difficult fight against the coronavirus? Not exactly. There are still those who, even among the representatives of the world of institutions, not having understood the functioning of the application, fear unspecified threats on the privacy front. This time it is up to Luigi de Magistris, mayor of Naples, to confirm how the doubts and perplexities about the project are in no way linked to colors or political affiliations. So he answered the question: "Did you download the Immuni app?" in his speech in Tagadà on LA7 (at 1:27:07 of the episode broadcast yesterday).

No. I am not fully convinced on the subject of privacy and effectiveness.

Meanwhile the initiative takes two important steps forward: one is that which concerns interoperability at European level so as to be able to interface with the apps of other countries, the other is that which sets the new deadline of the project in December 31, 2021, one year after the first fixed term.

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