Here is EpiVaCorona, the second Russian vaccine against the coronavirus

Here is EpiVaCorona, the second Russian vaccine against the coronavirus

This was announced by President Vladimir Putin at a press conference, during which he also hinted at a third Russian vaccine on the way. But the trial data is currently unavailable

(photo: Getty Images) If we wanted to see the development of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus vaccine as a race, Russia - apparently - would be in the lead. After the approval of Sputnik V last August, in fact, President Vladimir Putin has just announced that the Russian medicines regulatory agency has approved the second anti Covid-19 vaccine: EpiVaCorona.

The new vaccine, Russian authorities announced at a press conference on Wednesday, October 14, that it consists of an injection of viral fragments (synthetic antigenic peptides) that would stimulate the immune system to develop protection against the coronavirus.

Developed by the Vector Institute in Siberia, EpiVaCorona would have successfully completed the first stages of clinical trials (the Reuters agency talks about a placebo-controlled trial involving 100 volunteers between 18 and 60 years old), proving to be safe and effective. For the moment, however, there is no scientific publication on the subject.

The first supply of EpiVaCorona (about 60 thousand doses) should be available soon (between November and December) to continue the clinical trial on a larger scale. wide. According to the Reuters news agency, which reports the information provided by the Russian news agency Interfax, the study would involve 30 thousand people, the first 5 thousand in Siberia. According to the sources of the Wall Street Journal, however, the Vector Center is about to start a trial on 40 thousand people, and there would be a separate trial to test the device on 150 people over 60.

"We need to increase the production of the first and second vaccines," Putin told state television. "We are continuing to collaborate with our foreign partners and will promote our vaccine abroad". The Russian population, however, has priority, Putin clarified, adding that a third Russian-made Covid-19 vaccine may soon be approved.

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