Google presents the new Analytics

Google presents the new Analytics
Google presented the new Google Analytics, the well-known website traffic tracking service that allows you to better analyze your performance to better calibrate strategies and objectives. The new version does not completely replace the previous one, but actually supports it: anyone can now start creating new profiles based on the new service, starting to taste the obtainable advantages little by little and learning to know the differences compared to the past. .

Here is the new Analytics

What Google promises are basically two things: on the one hand, greater attention to data collection, so that Analytics can be privacy-proof in the face of regulations. more stringent in this sense from all over the world; on the other hand, there is a greater underlying intelligence, an improved ability to provide useful information instead of just photographing the data. A more proactive Analytics, in some ways, which seeks to facilitate the task of those who have the duty to collect - and interpret - information.

The center of gravity seems to shift, the focus changes: from service to photographing the progress of a site (or an app), Analytics becomes a strategic element to increase the ROI (Return On Investment), to guide decision-making processes, to support the decision-maker who will sign the marketing strategies of a company. The feeling is that of a service inspired by greater concreteness, pulling the strings of the discourse after having spent years of evolution simply multiplying the data collected.

Google says it is certain: the first results are positive and the companies that have already started testing the new Analytics 4 have already produced appreciable results right away. Instructions are available here: all that remains is to create a new profile (formerly known as “App + Web”) and start testing. The new Analytics is an opportunity available to those who use the service and will soon become the new standard of traffic detection.

Source: Google

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