Hasbro Rage - Marvel Legends Series: the review

Hasbro Rage - Marvel Legends Series: the review
Marvel's Rage is only the latest figure in chronological order to be examined, posed, twisted and stressed by our hands. In English, rage means "anger", "anger", but we know that the Marvel universe does not always follow the canons of ours, especially because, as Captain America and the Avengers teach us, there are handfuls of universes. In the case of Rage, however, we are only talking about a nom de guerre, an affectionate nickname like "Trottolino56" in a game like Doom. But who's behind Trottoli… oops sorry, Rage?

The character

Born in 1990 from the minds of Larry Hama and Paul Ryan, Rage is none other than Elvin Daryl Haliday, a quiet boy from Brooklyn, New York. We wrote boy but we should have written boy because Elvin is only 13 when, running away from bullies, he hides in a factory right in the middle of highly toxic chemical waste. Back home to his grandmother he begins to feel bad and is treated with chicken broth, pieces of vinegar and all those things that fall within the "grandmother's remedies" (indeed, ed). Healed he realizes that the substances to which he has been exposed are changing him (even if, in our opinion, this time his grandmother has put something in the broth) and within a few weeks his body transforms into that of a big, fat and very muscular.

Amazed, his grandmother urges him to use his strength to defend the weakest and Elvin finds a brand new costume and nickname: Trottoli… .aridaje, Rage. He thus gets in touch with the Avengers and is able to enter the group as a reserve being trained by Cap himself. Together with the Avengers he fights to defend the world against some of the most evil villains (Doctor Doom, Ngh and the Tetrarchs of Entropy, Brethren, the Collector are just a few) until Cap discovers that Elvin is only 13 years old. Not wanting to put a 13-year-old over two meters tall, big, fat and full of muscles at risk, Captain America tells him that he can still remain in the group as an apprentice if he so wished but Rage refuses and "goes on his own". After many adventures, some really interesting, Rage finds himself defending New York from the Hive invasion where he still dies in a heroic way.

Little Superman

Hasbro Rage Marvel Legends is a character of considerable size despite his age. Being exposed to toxic substances gave him superhuman strength as well as maximized his ability to run, his endurance, speed and ability to resist injury. But that's not all. During clashes, as he gets hit and begins to suffer, he gets stronger and stronger and is capable of amazing things like, for example, running faster than a moving subway.

Unfortunately for him his fighting skills are not that refined. He has some rudiments thanks to the lessons of Captain America but, above all, he is a street fighter with all the strengths and weaknesses that this entails. That's why Hasbro Rage's costume refers to neighborhood gangs (leather jacket, tight pants and biker boots) mixed with Mexican luchadore masks (in this regard, returning to the alternative universes, in one of these he fought in the ring along with Demolition Man). Very different from what we saw in the first strips where he had a helmet of unknown material and a kind of armor to protect him.

The action figure

The Marvel Rage action figure is massive, inspires fear and "respect". Despite this it is very versatile, to the point of being reduced to the lotus position with little effort. The merit is to be found in the construction of this model. Everything is proportionate, including the more than 25 joints that make it up and allow Rage to assume practically any position despite the volumes of the arms and legs.

The jacket can be removed (with a lot of effort but you can do it ) and this allows us to "play" with the other characters in the Marvel Legends series by placing it within scenes or environments. The detail of the details is excellent and the care of the accessories is incredible. Let's talk about the bracelets, the three belts at the waist, the hairs drawn on Rage's chest and the eyes that (literally) pierce the mask.


As always, the level of sculpture of the models Hasbro Marvel Legends Series is excellent, and Rage is no exception. The muscles are powerful, the chest is wide and the tortoise is not comparable with that of any other model so much it is well made. The muscle bundles of the legs are stretched and ready to spring while the arms, with enormous biceps, end with two clenched fists that you would never want to meet.

The leather jacket is also excellent, in addition to a fine finish very similar to the material it is imitating, it takes up the colors of the mask. The level of detail is very high, especially on the face. This one has piercing eyes, the mouth expresses anger and the desire to explode, the nose has open nostrils as if to request more air while preparing for the fight. Basically everything is perfectly suited to the character.


Hasbro Rage is incredibly flexible and posable. The size is not a hindrance indeed, the proportions are the same as for figures such as, for example, Captain America or the Invisible Woman, it is simply larger. Precisely for this reason Rage can be placed in any position. It can balance on one foot while simulating a run, it can arch backwards to load the blow while jumping or while posing to flex its muscles. In practice it can reproduce any pose and can be integrated into any scene without any problem.


As for the other figures of the wave dedicated to the latest Marvel's Avengers game by Square Enix (available for online purchase on pc and console) the only extra present inside the package is the Abomination arm, the bonus figure that, by collecting the bonus parts scattered in the boxes of Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Mar-Vell, Mach -1 and Leader, will be formed to give a worthy opponent to our heroes. A really well crafted arm and shows a lot of interesting details like the spikes sprouting here and there all over the surface and the claw instead of the hand.


Hasbro Rage from the Marvel series Legends is an excellently crafted figure that will not fail to figure well in the collections of Marvel comics fans made in the 90s. In addition it is essential for those who want to complete Abomination.

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