Google, you can now search for a song by singing, humming or whistling

Google, you can now search for a song by singing, humming or whistling
It often happens to want to search for a song on Google, without remembering the title, and in the most serious cases not even a part of the text. Forget about these problems: Google now allows you to do it simply by singing, humming or whistling.

This is a feature initially announced at the Google Search On event, and available from today 16 October 2020. From the Google search function (available from the Google Search app or with the widget of the same name) it will be possible to select the microphone icon and then again the "search for a song" option. From here Google will grant a few seconds to whistle or hum, then tracing the corresponding melody.

Google has compared this new type of search to the one that would be guaranteed with the fingerprint: each individual it's unique, and the same goes for songs and melodies. The results will be provided in descending order, starting with the song that seems to correspond 100% to the tune hummed by the user. Thanks to the potential of machine learning obviously: in the Source field you will find an article that explains in detail how the algorithm works.

And here instead you will find a nice video that intuitively shows you the potential of its research system. Technology seems to know no limits: Google Duplex can even book you a hairdresser's appointment.


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