Google: the Search On event on stage tonight

Google: the Search On event on stage tonight
The event called Search On organized by Google will be staged this evening in Italy at 9.00 pm. It is not entirely clear what the subject of the meeting will be, but we would like to exclude any hardware news: it will certainly be something related to the search engine, perhaps even to the many cloud-based services offered by the Mountain View group.

Search On, the Google event of 15 October 2020

This could be an announcement initially planned for I / O 2020, an event that was not staged as a result of the health crisis global. Below is the description shown in the single image relating to the appointment with a direct reference to how to access information.

Understand the world in new ways. Join us to learn how Google is helping people explore information like never before.

Also online a dedicated official website and live streaming on YouTube. References to artificial intelligence emerge from further leaked text.

We make thousands of improvements to Google Search every year, from those affecting our ability to understand language to the introduction of new features for organizing information. world in a useful way. We'd like to invite you to join the Search On live stream to hear the latest on how Google is harnessing the power of AI to help people interpret the world around them.

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