Genshin Impact: update 1.1, images reveal the new characters

Genshin Impact: update 1.1, images reveal the new characters
Genshin Impact has convinced a little everyone, between audiences and critics, in recent weeks. Free to play, available on PC, PS4 and mobile (but also arriving on Nintendo Switch on an unspecified date), is only at the beginning of its journey. MiHoYo, the developer, seems ready to introduce update 1.1, which should introduce many new features, such as new characters. Which ones are they? Here is what we know, complete with images, unearthed by dataminers and leakers.

Genshin Impact | New Characters

The information available on his new Genshin Impact characters is currently in Chinese, but has been translated by some users on Reddit. As always, since this is unofficial information, there may be errors or, much more likely, the developer may decide not to release all the news with the next update. But let's not waste any more time and see the details on the news of Genshin Impact update 1.1.

Four characters are coming:

Zhong Li: Geo Xinyan: Pyro Childe: Cryo Unnamed : Cryo

Zhong Li

This is a Geo character, named Zhong Li in the original version, and has the ability to summon a rock to inflict area damage and petrification status on enemies. Petrifaction prevents movement and increases Physical and Geo damage taken by 20%. Here's what he looks like.


Xinyan is a Pyro character and is able to create a shield by hitting enemies. The shield has three levels and deals Pyro damage on a regular basis when it reaches maximum level. Here is the picture.


Childe is a Cryo character. Apparently he has two different "Elemental Bursts" and can switch between close combat formats to one dedicated to long range, with a bow. Its arched appearance is as follows.


The last character does not have a name for the moment, but we know that he is of the Cryo type. He is able to heal allies and deal Cryo damage to enemies with the same attack. The image found in the game data is the following.

We remind you that Genshin Impact will also be available on PS5 via backwards compatibility: this game could make PS5 a must for many fans!

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