Free League Publishing: two new manuals for Vaesen and MÖRK BORG at launch!

Free League Publishing: two new manuals for Vaesen and MÖRK BORG at launch!
Yesterday the announcement by the Swedish publisher Free League Publishing (also known to most as Fria Ligan), of the release on the market of Vaesen: A Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries and MÖRK BORG Cult: Feretory, two manuals dedicated respectively to the pen and paper horror RPGs Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying and Mörk Borg.

The surprise release of these two products, which had not been announced in any previous release (although Nils Hintze, the author of Vaesen, had already mentioned it in preview during the interview we addressed to him), is one of the many innovations that we are sure will follow one another in the coming days, on the occasion of 2020, the digital edition of the famous fair dedicated to analog gaming which is held annually in the Teutonic city of Essen.

Let's take a closer look at these two new products by Free League Publishing:

Vaesen: A Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries

Vaesen: A Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries is an adventure module for the acclaimed role-playing game Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying (of which you can read our review) in which the characters they will travel to Scandinavia in the late nineteenth century amidst the horrors of Nordic legends, fairy tales and myths.

This manual contains four chilling cases that players will have to investigate and that will put the characters' skills to the test. All of these horrific mysteries will be playable individually or as part of a longer campaign, for anyone who wants nothing more than thrills in their life. Among the pages of the manual it will be possible to find:

The Silver of the Sea: the death of a preacher leads the characters to the western rocky archipelago, where something strange is going on on Wrecker Island.

A Wicked Secret: A journey into the deep forests of northern Sweden to investigate the rumors of a killer beast plaguing a remote village. What ancient evil lurks in that place?

Read also: Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying: interview with Nils Hintze, author

The Night Sow: Welcome to the beautiful Mölle, a well-known seaside town by many as "the heart of sin". And now for a cold-blooded murder too.

The Song of the Falling Star: A cursed child, a strange instrument and a desperate aristocrat. Players will travel to Arensburg, on the island of Oesel, and discover the horrifying truth about what happened there.

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MÖRK BORG Cult: Feretory

MÖRK BORG (of which you can read our review) is an album of doom metal music transformed into a role-playing game, the strength of a sharp scourge. Equipped with light rules, and a truly emotionally heavy setting, MÖRK BORG swept away prizes at the ENNIE Awards 2020.

MÖRK BORG Cult: Feretory is a sinful expansion that will give even more horror to lost and foolish souls in search of redemption, forgiveness or the last riches left in a decaying world.

MÖRK BORG Cult: Feretory will include a monster generator, new classes, terrible treasures such as The Cauldron of Lies and two new adventures: The Death Ziggurat and The Goblin Grinder. This expansion promises to be a guarantee to plunge the characters into madness

A scary bundle

As the holiday is approaching which for everyone is now synonymous with witches, horror and spirits of the dead , to celebrate this double dark triumph, Free League Publishing offers on its online store a bundle with which it is possible to buy both products and a 20% discount on both basic manuals of these editorial lines; this offer will be available until Halloween.

For a really scary Halloween, take a look at the other Fria Ligan productions, including ALIEN, Tales from the Loop and Thing from the Flood there really what to shiver. You can find all these products on DriveThruRPG.

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