FIFA 21: Milan wakes up and discovers a new mural by Jorit

FIFA 21: Milan wakes up and discovers a new mural by Jorit
Milan woke up looking up to admire the new work of art just completed by Jorit Agoch in Corso di Porta Ticinese. It is a work promoted by EA itself, developer and publisher of FIFA 21.

Two very young Inter and Milan fans are watching us. Two symmetrical faces, divided in half, opposite but complementary: even if separated by a healthy sporting rivalry, the passion for football overcomes every barrier, eliminating differences. Together with them, Milan wins, one of the capitals of the most beautiful game in the world.

Electronic Arts, publisher of the most played sports video game in the world, on the occasion of the next release of FIFA 21, scheduled for October 9, has promoted this artistic project to pay homage, in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia (PlayStation), to the new partners Inter and AC Milan. art conveys the importance of sporting values ​​for the new generations, summarized by the payoff of FIFA 21, "Win As One".

The treatment of the work, contextualized in the territory of sporting passion, is part of the path of Jorit's "Human Tribe", a profound vision of the human being and his passage from childhood to adulthood, a moment characterized and symbolized by pictorial signs (here, exceptionally, with the colors of the two Milanese teams) on the faces of the prot agonists of his murals.

"I wanted to represent the concept of Win As One through two young boys who embody multiple identities, allegories of the continuation of this great story in the next generations and of unity in diversity - underlines Jorit - Street art has the ability to shake consciences, it encourages debate, memory, justice and equality. This is why I strongly believe in my work. "

This work, unique for the Milan panorama, shows how the division of the fans between Inter and Milan is in reality a point of union. The work will remain and can be admired for a limited time: precisely, until 25 October 2020.

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