FIFA 20 and the giant goalkeeper: story of a bug that went viral

FIFA 20 and the giant goalkeeper: story of a bug that went viral
The most assiduous players of FIFA 20 may have encountered, during the online matches at FIFA Volta, possible giant goalkeepers lined up in defense of the goal and practically impossible to physically overcome, due to a bug that has spread and went viral.

It is not easy to understand when this real legend of FIFA 20 started: already a few days after the launch, testimonies emerged of a giant forward whose name was actually a sort of error string "SSF_WT_HOMETURF_0_FULLCHar_upper", but this it then spread mainly due to the possibility of getting a player from the defeated opposing team.

The size of the player limits his athletic ability, making him rather low in terms of statistics but also a really hard goalkeeper to beat. For this reason, the giant footballer of FIFA 20 Volta was immediately deployed as a goalkeeper in many cases, because thanks to his size, it is enough for him to place himself on the goal line to make it much more difficult to find the space to score. br>
The origins of this player are not clear, but according to a reconstruction it could have emerged from a bug in FIFA 20 present in the story mode, as some players met him during a semi-final of this against the artificial intelligence, not online.

So it would not be the product of a distorted use of an editor, but a real bug, which then spread when some players managed to conquer it by facing it in a match with the CPU and spreading it in this way in a viral way.

EA has never managed to eliminate the bug and therefore the spread of giant players within FIFA 20, but it seems to have solved the pro problem at the origin and that this will not recur in FIFA 21, as stated by the game's official Twitter account.

Encountered this 8'5 giant while playing time. (he literally blocked the goal) from r / FIFA

Giant guy in Volta. from r / FIFA

Gave Volta a try just before fifa 21. WTF is this lmao from r / FIFA

Bugs can happen for all sorts of reasons but we've fixed the giant goalkeepers.

We appreciate the feedback and support! ♥ ️

- FIFA Direct Communication (@EAFIFADirect) August 12, 2020


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