Facebook Gaming: here is the new cloud gaming service, it's free!

Facebook Gaming: here is the new cloud gaming service, it's free!
Cloud gaming is becoming more and more central in the gaming industry every day. Facebook also launches into video game streaming via Facebook Gaming. It is not a direct opponent of services already available such as Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Microsoft xCloud and NVIDIA GeForce Now, but rather a (free) service to play a series of free to play on mobile: no PC and console games in "reduced format", therefore. Ready to find out every detail?

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming, as we said, is a new free cloud gaming service that offers access to a range of mobile games. To access it, you must access the "Gaming" section of Facebook, the same that also contains Twitch's competing live video streaming platform.

For the moment, therefore, it is not an independent service: it is not there is a dedicated app, but you have to access through the classic FB. Facebook Gaming is free, but of course there is always the possibility to spend money on individual games through microtransactions.

Introducing our take on cloud gaming where we hope to make it easier to play games instantly on Facebook Gaming.

Check out the things we're doing (and not doing) with our new cloud gaming platform via @Jason_Rubin 👉 https://t.co/bbh00OPK8h pic.twitter.com/QEo86sX9Vl

- Facebook Gaming (@FacebookGaming) October 26, 2020

What games are available?

The following games are currently available:

Asphalt 9: Legends PGA TOUR Golf Shootout Solitaire: Arthur's Tale Mobile Legends: Adventure WWE SuperCard Dirt Bike Unchained will also be added in the coming weeks and more to come in the future. As you can see, these are not classic AAA games available on consoles and PCs, but free to play mobile titles.

There will also be "interactive advertisements" via cloud in the Facebook news feed that will allow you to try out short segments of the game, such as mini-demos: the aim is to attract that slice of the public that does not regularly exploit the section Facebook Gaming.

On which platforms is Facebook Gaming available?

Facebook Gaming is available on Android devices and via the web version of Faceboo k. In fact, it is not possible to use the service on Apple devices: the reason is that Apple expects every single game to be submitted for review individually and independently, so as to be cataloged in the App Store.

At some point , the cloud gaming service will be released on the dedicated Facebook Gaming app on Android, but no date has been indicated. Furthermore, it could also arrive on Smart TV: however, this is only a long-term eventuality.

Is it available in Italy?

No, for the moment the cloud gaming service is only available in the USA, just like Amazon Luna. There is no information for an international version.

Tell us, what do you think of this new service?

PS5 has its own cloud streaming service: you can find the console on Amazon.

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