Dropbox also goes all-in on smart working

Dropbox also goes all-in on smart working
Dropbox is now added to the list of companies that are looking at smart working as an opportunity to leverage even beyond the current emergency. A decision that does not surprise many, considering how the San Francisco company has so far built its business and its success on tools related to the cloud and remote collaboration.

Smart working as a priority for Dropbox

The company will not ask employees and contractors to return to the office even once the health crisis has finally loosened its grip. At the moment the defined policy establishes that at least until June 2021 no one does this. For the meetings, reunions and meetings that must necessarily be conducted in presence, he will set up in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin and Dublin those he has baptized Studios, spaces organized in such a way as to guarantee a completely safe interaction, respecting the rules of distancing. This is the declaration of intent reported on the pages of the official blog.

Starting today, Dropbox becomes a Virtual First reality. Working remotely, away from the office, will be the main modality for all employees and the standard for carrying out tasks.

A vision shared by other big names in the hi-tech world, starting with Microsoft, that just last week talked about the Hybrid Workplace initiative with reference to the large-scale adoption of smart working.

Founded between 2008 and 2009, according to official information updated to 31 December 2019, today Dropbox employs over 2,800 employees globally.

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