DPCM, for the ASLs the obligation to operate on Immuni

DPCM, for the ASLs the obligation to operate on Immuni
Not only a new turn of the screw for gathering occasions; not just a new encouragement for smart working; not just new provisions for bars and restaurants. The new DPCM signed by the Prime Minister yesterday also put pen to paper a specific intervention on the subject of tracing infections, with specific reference to the Immune app.

Immune: the ASLs act

The relative intervention reads, modifying the previous ones and improving it by virtue of the obligation imposed on local authorities:

in order to make contact tracing more effective through the use of the Immuni App, the health worker of the Prevention Department of the local health company is obliged to upload the key code in the presence of a positive case by accessing the Immuni central system. Government response to Veneto (and to how many other regions can having followed the same direction) that up to now had not carried out the right commitment towards Immuni, thus invalidating the effort of the Italians who had downloaded and installed the app. A small intervention with which the Government puts Immuni at the center of contact tracing activities, thus trying to have a better management of the contagion chains and therefore limit the spread of the pandemic course.

It is not clear how many regions had not yet uploaded the codes of the positive users, but the reports coming from various parts indicated in this lack of collaboration one of the system's vulnerabilities in this first phase of the second wave. The DPCM now requires the ASLs to upload the codes, which will therefore have to do so whenever the user requests them after having certified their positivity to the swab. Before assuming the mandatory nature of the app, it is definitely more appropriate to think of making the Immuni system work in its complexity, otherwise every other consideration leaves the time it finds.

What might have seemed logical, is now imposed by virtue of political frictions between different authorities such as State and Region: it is now to be assessed how and if the number of positives recorded by Immuni will be accelerated, as well as the response that the system will be able to give in practical terms. Perhaps, finally, we will be able to weigh Immuni in order to highlight its merits and virtues.

The app had reached 8.8 million downloads on October 15th: after a weekend it was probably exceeded share 9 million and travel to 10 million within the week. Being able to offer citizens greater certainty about Immuni could be of great help, especially if the number of infections were to decrease and the diagnostic activity from swabs could become more tightened. In fact, in a few weeks, the percentage of positives in proportion to the number of swabs increased from 3 to 12%: in the peak phase of the spring pandemic, this percentage was equal to 24% and led to a generalized lockdown.

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