Does virtual reality make you stronger in multiplayer video games?

Does virtual reality make you stronger in multiplayer video games?
It is now proven: on some genres virtual reality can help you and make you stronger than others, and this will become clearer as multiplayer games come out that will support classic mode and VR mode, just like the recent Star Wars: Squadrons. Here are some examples!

Air Combat

With the arrival of Star Wars Squadron, we can only start here. During a dogfight, no matter if set in space or in the skies of our planet, having a virtual reality viewer available gives a distinct advantage. On PC, the effect can be replicated with systems such as TrackIR, excellent for certain simulations but definitely less performing when dealing with the most adrenaline-fueled battles. The point is that there is no alternative to the possibility of being able to continue to follow your enemy with your gaze, especially in a context where it moves continuously and in every direction, especially when the controller, or the mouse and the keyboard, are already occupied. in other operations.

Close firefights

In firefights, virtual reality is instead a double-edged sword: one thing is knowing how to aim as you do in normal video games, another is having to use the viewfinder exactly as in reality. In such a context, to have good results, the user must also have good aim, a feature that can only be partially improved with training. But everyone can benefit from the enormous freedom that is granted once the wall of the third dimension is knocked down, and they hold in the hands of controllers able to make us act just as we were on the battlefield. The difference is above all in cover, with the ability to lean out and shoot blindly, and in the sixth sense that VR guarantees allowing you to feel the enemy's gaze on you.

Curves and brawls

Where virtual reality brings enormous benefits is in driving games, to the point where it's really hard to go back. The three-dimensionality allows us to perceive distances, a detail that is not just a detail and that radically changes the driving style, allowing us to considerably improve times and above all to avoid most of the stupidest accidents. How many times have you complained, in full brawl, of the kind that keeps hitting you on the back? He may be a damned bastard, but not entirely his fault but also the limitations of the normal TV screen. VR also helps a lot when cornering, allowing us to follow the curb with our eyes even in the realism of the first person.

Solve this!

Even in puzzle games, VR has already proved particularly useful, for example allowing you to create much more complex puzzles than those designed to be faced two-dimensionally, and with a fixed camera . And this also applies to the puzzles inserted in other genres, such as graphic adventures, escape rooms and so on, with which we will bea> able to interact much more intimately, observing the challenge from every angle, manipulating the tools available in a natural way. , allowing us in some cases to think totally outside the box in order to also find alternative solutions.

Role and explore

Anyone who has a minimum of experience with virtual reality knows that one of the best things to do with a headset on your head is to fight and explore, especially in contexts medieval. Even the old Skyrim earns several points if faced with a viewer, even more when we are called to face the most elaborate dungeons. Being present in the first person inside these dungeons allows you to orient yourself much better, and helps to reveal traps and secret passages more easily. And then there is combat, and raising a shield to parry the blow of a devilish orc, and then counter-attacking with our sword on the exposed flank of the enemy, is something that has no equal. And then we want to talk about the accuracy in casting spells or in the use of bow and crossbows? Again, it will be very difficult to go back once you have experienced a similar experience.

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