Dark Souls becomes Fall Guys in this insane mod

Dark Souls becomes Fall Guys in this insane mod
Since Mediatonic debuted Fall Guys on the market this summer, the gaming medium has never been the same. Not only did Devolver Digital's crazy and ramshackle battle royale have an unexpected success, but Fall Guys has become a true cult phenomenon from which even crazier memes and ideas have sprung. Like for example the creation proposed by "Sanadask" that transforms Dark Souls into Fall Guys.

So on the spot it seems as crazy as it is impossible: the two games are not only light years apart as a genre, but also as general moods are polar opposites. Well, the youtuber in question managed to amalgamate everything, proposing Dark Souls Prepare to Dive Edition, a real new Fall Guys show completely inserted in the world, and obviously also in the lore, of the most loved work of From Software.

As you can see in the announcement trailer, the project seems to have all it takes to become something more concrete. Instead of the green beans of Fall Guys, the protagonists this time are the mushrooms that are mainly found in the Dark Root Garden area, and exactly like in the Mediatonic game, they present a customization that takes into account many aesthetic objects (mainly hats, masks and helmets) taken directly from Dark Souls, and various mini-games that take place in the most memorable settings of the From Software game.

It is not clear when, how and if this brilliant crossover will be made playable, but for now we are being postponed to new ones information about it that will arrive as soon as possible; at least, this is what the last moments of the trailer let us understand. What do you think of Dark Souls Prepare to Dive Edition? Would you like to be able to play this crossover?

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