Cyberpunk 2077: lip synchronized with dubbing in Italian and in the other 9 languages

Cyberpunk 2077: lip synchronized with dubbing in Italian and in the other 9 languages
Cyberpunk 2077 confirms the great attention to detail also on the aspect of the lip animation of the characters, which is perfectly synchronized with the dubbing in Italian and in the other 9 officially supported languages.

This means that everyone's facial animations the characters present in the game's large open world will actually correspond to what they will say in Italian, playing in our language, or in the other nine languages ​​in which the CD Projekt RED game has been dubbed.

This milestone is was achieved thanks to JALI technology, developed by a Canadian team and implemented within Cyberpunk 2077. As shown in the video below, referring to a panel dedicated to the technology in question, the implementation of the JALI software allowed to animate all characters of Cyberpunk 2077 with synchronized lip in all 10 languages ​​it is voiced in.

The big advantage of this solution is that it is a special system that allows you to obtain this result without resorting to motion capture: JALI is an animation system called Animator-centric Viseme Model for Expressive Lip Syncronization, which automates the animation of the mouth based on the audio stream , also coordinating with the rest of the face between blinking and animations of the facial muscles.

The system is applied to all the different languages ​​in which Cyberpunk 2077 has been translated and dubbed, so we will see it in action also in the Italian version, which as we know is characterized by an excellent work of adaptation with the participation of Luca Ward in his classic role as voice of Keanu Reeves / Johnny Silverhand, also the protagonist of the new commercial "What You're Looking For".

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