Crowdfunding: the best geek projects - October 2020

Crowdfunding: the best geek projects - October 2020
Crowdfunding is a bottom-up financing technique that allows you to obtain funds thanks to donations from users interested in a specific project. Over the years, dozens of platforms have been created regarding various types of Crowdfunding. From Kickstarter to Indiegogo and from DeRev to Eppela, let's take a look at the most interesting and curious geek projects of October 2020.

Best Crowfundings October 2020

Vespera Snowl Cluebox Hooke Lav Luna Display Wheel- And


Vespera is your personal space exploration station, the perfect combination of a telescope and a camera. Intelligent and fully automated, it is a revolution in the world of astronomy. The developers have completely redesigned the observation experience by opting for the most comfortable eyepiece: your mobile device paired with the proprietary application.

Thanks to Vespera, you can explore and observe the night sky, capture photos of celestial objects, learn about the cosmos and share your discoveries. The device is very easy to use, just set up the tripod using the adjustable legs and press a button. At that point Vespera will come to life and will automatically calibrate itself through the GPS of your device thanks to the patented Star Field Recognition technology. In short, using the app, all you have to do is select the object you want to observe and Vespera will point it out and follow it.

The telescope is equipped with the best technologies in the optical sector. There are two types of telescopes: reflectors (mirrors) and refractors (lenses). Mirrors need to be adjusted very often while refractors maintain perfect alignment throughout their life. To avoid any optical defects, the manufacturers have developed their optical design based on 4 lenses and 2 optical groups. This system is one of the best on the market and avoids distortion, chromatic aberration and astigmatism ensuring clearer vision for many years.

Optical sensors have been made by Sony and have incredible sensitivity in low light conditions , however, one sensor alone is not enough. The designers therefore developed an electronic board to ensure that heat management remains optimal. In this regard, it has also been designed to dissipate the maximum amount of heat.

Finally there is autofocus and the guarantee of the best software and hardware performance thanks to the collaboration with Raspberry Pi and the development of a proprietary algorithm for professional image processing.

Crowdfunding platform: Kickstarter Economic objective: 8,526 euros Project deadline: October 31, 2020


Snowl is a ring-shaped wearable device that offers a wide range of 3D motion to traditionally 2D devices such as touch screens and computer mice. With this device, you have the ability to experience precision control over your favorite devices through three motion detection modes: Air Mouse Mode, Gesture Mouse Mode, and Joystick Mouse Mode.

This device has the functionality of a mouse and a touchpad, useful for presentations via a Gesture Interface and acts as a VR controller via a virtual interface. All these interfaces are combined in a small device that organically learns the natural gestures of hand movements and tracks finger gestures. Although it replaces traditional mice, it also makes it easier to control various devices, including tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

Snowl allows you to play a large variety of smartphone games on the big screen and, thanks to its technology, you will feel like you are experiencing virtual reality. Finally, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth chip, there is no need for a separate receiver. It can therefore be paired with multiple devices via the wireless connection and you can switch from one device to another without any effort.

Finally, the charging base is interesting, which not only acts as a case, but it can also be used as a mouse or joystick. The ergonomic design also allows to reduce wrist fatigue.

Crowdfunding platform: Kickstarter Economic goal: 8,526 euros Project deadline: 29 October 2020


The Cluebox is an interactive and manually assembled wooden box with various puzzles that must be solved one after the other in order to open the box. Much like an Escape Room, the solution to every single puzzle is not based on chance, but only on logical decisions.

The story quotes:

London, 1720. Ian Kensington, captain of the British engineering forces, is responsible for the first successful recovery of a sunken ship. In his report to His Majesty King George I of England, Kensington first mentions Davy Jones’s locker. Despite being a true artifact, he describes the locker in the context of a legend about the sea devil Davy Jones, who allegedly locks up the wandering souls of all sailors who lose their lives at sea. It is said that on every sunken ship hides a replica of the locker, promising to free all souls if someone manages to open the box.

Since the first discovery, similar lockers have been found in shipwrecks around the world . Some of them are still kept in private collections, others in museums. However, no one has been able to reveal their secret so far. Will you be able to solve the mystery?

Crowdfunding platform: Kickstarter Economic goal: 10,000 euros Project deadline: 7 October 2020

Hooke Lav

Hooke Lav is a wireless microphone that captures sound professionally without interruption and without problems. The microphone comes with a whopping 8GB of internal memory and connects to any device with the click of a button. This sleek, minimalist microphone maximizes the freedom to record with no configuration required.

It is the first truly wireless device to send high-quality audio over low-latency Bluetooth. The stylish clip-on delivers professional-quality audio recordings in the studio, on the go, and in freedom. Eliminates environmental noises, even the wind, and thanks to its internal memory, it collects every second of audio even if the Bluetooth is interrupted.

Platform where Crowdfunding is present: Kickstarter Economic objective: 8,526 euros Project deadline : October 22, 2020

Luna Display

Many people are already using Luna Display for Mac and now it is coming to Windows too. Whether you are working remotely, looking to maximize your workspace or looking for more creative flexibility, Luna is your ultimate solution. In fact, you can: turn any iPad into a second wireless display for your PC or Mac, connect via WiFi or USB and experience lightning-fast speeds without lag, use any Windows app on Mac and vice versa, use touch support and external keyboard support and choose two connection options ie USB-C or HDMI.

There is not enough screen space to work efficiently? Luna acts as a second display, so you can extend your workspace from the desktop to the iPad. Traditional monitors leave you tied to your desk, but Luna works wirelessly over your WiFi network, so you can move your workspace around your home, office, and wherever you want.

Second screen configurations, in fact, they are often complex and require a lot of cables and tools. With Luna, you can pair a Windows or Mac computer to an iPad with just a few apps and your small device. No need to buy new screens: get the most out of what you have.

Crowdfunding platform: Kickstarter Economic target: 25,579 euros Project deadline: 30 October 2020


Do you have an old bicycle that you don't want to throw away and would like to modernize it? Don't worry, with Wheel-E you can even turn it into an electric bike. All you have to do is remove the spokes from the front wheel, mount Wheel-E and that's it.

But what is Wheel-E? It is a small motor equipped with a battery with a capacity of about 380 Wh mounted on special spokes that must be replaced with the original ones of the bicycle. This engine allows you to make your old bike an e-bike capable of reaching 25 km / h and having a range of about 50 kilometers. The device is also equipped with Bluetooth, GPS and regenerative braking.

Don't worry if you think this device could worsen the stability of your bicycle: the weight is just 9 kilograms and has been expertly distributed throughout the wheel. After all, the designers have been working on it for more than 2 years and have tried to reconcile usefulness with functionality.

Crowdfunding platform: Kickstarter Economic goal: € 10,000 Project deadline: October 23, 2020

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