Click on the video and buy: YouTube is working on its own ecommerce

Click on the video and buy: YouTube is working on its own ecommerce

The products within a video will be tagged and can be purchased directly on the video platform. Google starts testing with some youtubers

Youtube: (Photo by Sean Gallup / Getty Images) YouTube is embarking on a path that could gradually lead it to have its own section dedicated to ecommerce. In this way, the products seen within the videos on the portal can be purchased directly on YouTube without having to browse other platforms.

The first step taken by the platform directly involved the creators. Big G asked them to use YouTube's internal software to tag and track products placed in videos. By doing so, the data obtained will be automatically linked to the analysis and purchase tools of the Mountain View giant.

YouTube's goal seems to be to transform videos into digital showcases, so that users can go directly to the videos for the purchase of the articles contained in them. The company is also testing an integration with the Canadian ecommerce platform Shopify to drive product sales directly from YouTube. Google announced in July an integration between Google Shopping and Shopify allowing its sellers to integrate and manage more their merchandise catalog easily.

According to a YouTube spokesperson told Bloomberg, the first internal ecommerce tests cover a small number of channels. Creators will have full control over the products that are displayed and sold through their videos, such as those revealed by unboxing expectations.

The introduction of an internal ecommerce platform could therefore be an additional source of income for youtubers or an opportunity for artists, artisans or small and medium-sized enterprises to take advantage of the videos of their channel as advertising and merchandise catalog at the same time.

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