Xbox Series X: price revealed by a Pringles promotion

Xbox Series X: price revealed by a Pringles promotion
Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will arrive towards the end of the year, but we still don't know how much they will cost. Between rumors and forecasts, there are many assumptions about the cost of the two gaming machines. Now, however, a slightly more objective data arrives: a promotional contest organized by Pringles allows you to deduct the price of the Xbox Series X.

As reported in the tweet below, the South African division of Pringles has shared with some influencer a promotion that allows you to win an Xbox Series X. The prize pool includes 46 consoles with a total value of R 621,000. A quick calculation allows us to define that the value of each device is R 13,500.

Looks like Pringles, of all brands, broke the Xbox Series X price for South Africa. If my maths checks out, this puts the XSX at around R13,5K locally? Unsure if that's excluding tax.

- Cavie (@ CaV1E) September 4, 2020

What is R 13.500? 686 euros. If you prefer pounds, 612. In US dollars, 812. Obviously a direct conversion is not adequate to define the cost of the console in a market very different from the South African one.

But we can use it as a reference point Xbox One X which, at full price, costs R 8,999, or 457 euros. The price difference between the two gaming machines is R 4,500, almost + 50%. We also remind you that, in Italy, Xbox One X costs 499 euros at full price.

We repeat it, even stating that the value of the console is actually R 13,500 (are taxes included?), The southern price -African is a fairly inaccurate indicator. We do not believe we can define a precise price for the EU / US market. Nonetheless, it allows us to understand that, as we assumed, Xbox Series X is unlikely to be sold at a low price.
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