Xbox Series X: Microsoft abandons the Xbox 20/20 initiative and reorganizes communication

Xbox Series X: Microsoft abandons the Xbox 20/20 initiative and reorganizes communication
Microsoft has officially abandoned the name Xbox 20/20 as a general initiative for communication linked to Xbox Series X and the next gen by the Redmond house, in view of a reorganization of the appointments that may no longer be regularly scheduled as initially intended.

As you remember, last May Microsoft presented Xbox 20/20 as a series of events intended to pave the way for the arrival of the next generation of Xbox, through a series of presentations that should have been held with a regular monthly.

To tell the truth, a first breach of the rule has already emerged in June, when in fact there was no event from Microsoft to present news regarding Xbox. At the time, some rumors claimed that the June event had been moved to August, but officially Microsoft said that in fact there was no specific event organized for that month, so it is clear that the schedule of one event per month is not. was just written in stone.

With an update released quietly on August 7 but only now evidently emerging, Microsoft explained the change taking place: "After reorganizing the schedule for the rest of the year, we have decided to stop using the Xbox 20/20 naming, because this seemed to involve releasing information in only one way, through dedicated monthly shows ".

Apparently, this is no longer the intended schedule:" We will share information in different ways, sometimes with a dedicated show, sometimes with YouTube videos, sometimes through partnerships with other companies or with news on Xbox Wire. "

It is clear that in all this rien between heavily the situation deriving from the spread of Covid-19, which forcing companies to work remotely makes it difficult to precisely organize specific events scheduled on a regular basis.

Therefore, it is only a change of form : the approach path to the Xbox Series X consists of several events, but their cadence will not be regular and will not occur through only one specific format, but in different ways.


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