Call of Duty Warzone: news of the Halloween event, what to expect

Call of Duty Warzone: news of the Halloween event, what to expect
It is October or, as the Americans would say, "spooktober". Although this year there is much more to think about, Halloween remains one of the strong points of the Western world and video games cannot fail to follow this trend. Call of Duty Warzone is also preparing for the arrival of a seasonal update: "The Haunting of Verdansk". What could be the news of the Halloween event? What are the clues shared so far?

Call of Duty Warzone | Halloween

Currently we can say that The Haunting of Verdansk will be the first true seasonal event of Call of Duty Warzone - it's a great opportunity for developers who may have given themselves a little more freedom to introduce fresh ideas and unique. Official details are few, but players are hoping, for example, that elements such as a night mode, zombies and other "scary surprises" will be introduced.

The start date

What is the start date of the Call of Duty Warzone Halloween event? Thankfully Infinity Ward has revealed at least this: The Haunting of Verdansk will be available from October 20, 2020. The event will run until November 3, 2020.

What clues were shared?

For the moment, creepy children's laughter can be heard within Call of Duty Warzone. They getting ready for Halloween ??? from CODWarzone

Also, it's very credible that night mode is coming. The players have in fact noticed the presence of a night scene in the trailer dedicated to Season 6, as you can see for yourself. Fans have been requesting this variant of the map for months, so let's hope it's not just a timed mode (assuming it's really added, of course).

WarZone at night is gonna be something else. Can't wait! from CODWarzone

The dataminers have also discovered references to a zombie mode within the game codes of Call of Duty Warzone. Dead players are reported to return in-game as zombies and will have to "consume the hearts of defeated players" to come back to life. The tweet dedicated to the leaks has been deleted (which makes it even more believable) and we don't know anything else about it.

The leaks have also shared some audio files through which we can hear phrases like "zombies do not suffer gas damage ". The zombies therefore seem an increasingly credible addition, even considering that they are nothing new for a battle royale of COD: they were in fact added in Call of Duty Blackout.

For now this is all we know about Call of Duty Warzone Halloween event. Tell us, what are your expectations?

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