Bugsnax on PS5, on video the first 31 minutes of the exclusive console

Bugsnax on PS5, on video the first 31 minutes of the exclusive console
Bugsnax is one of the launch games for PS5 and is shown in a long gameplay video released exclusively by GameSpot, which shows the first 31 minutes of the game, captured in this case from PC, being an exclusive console but cross- gen is also out on Windows.

Clearly this is a video containing spoilers, showing the entire first part of Bugsnax, so those who do not want previews avoid seeing it, but for everyone else it can be interesting to find out something more about this strange title that has caught some attention, also being one of the first games announced for PS5.

It is a game with a cheerful and light-hearted look, but which may hide some deeper aspects and even obscure than one might think from a first superficial glance. As the video in question demonstrates, Bugsnax is characterized by a rather developed story and supported by dialogues with the numerous characters that are not properly imprinted on the facetious and childish style that one might think, looking only at the images.

Il gameplay video is commented by Philip Tibitoski of the Wild Horses team and Phil Hornshaw of GameSpot and shows above all the first arrival on the island of Bugsnax, with the encounter with the particular setting and its 14 inhabitants. The main purpose seems to be to collect the 100 bugsnax scattered throughout the island by helping the inhabitants and solving various puzzles, but the adventure is more layered than one might think.

The main purpose of the story it will therefore be, instead, to solve the mystery of what happened to the leader of the island, Elizabeth Megafig, and to discover all the history that lies behind the facade of the island.

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