Bugatti Bolide, a 500 km / h track concept

Bugatti Bolide, a 500 km / h track concept
Bugatti returns to amaze, and it does so in an unexpected way: by now we are all used to the colossal engines that Bugatti uses on its cars, with mind-boggling horsepower and world-record top speeds, but this time the French house surprised us by designing a car with an amazing engine and the weight of a small car.

We are talking about the new Bugatti Bolide, a hypercar project weighing 1240kg and 1850hp of power. A beast, needless to say, dedicated to the track and capable of touching 500 km / h - even if the new speed record is still far away. The car fully complies with the FIA ​​safety regulations, is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system and is compatible with the HANS system.

Light, very light

The new Bugatti Bolide weighs about 700 kg less than the Chiron Super Sport +, and has 250 hp and 250 Nm of torque more: all this translates into a power-to-weight ratio of 0.67 kg / hp! But how did Bugatti achieve such a result? Using cutting-edge materials and techniques, of course. In addition to the carbon fiber body, all the fasteners and screws of the Bugatti Bolide are made of titanium, the same material used for a cutting-edge 3D printing of some elements that have been brought to a thickness of just 0.5 mm .

Speed ​​to make your head spin

Thanks to the fantastic equipment, the new Bugatti Bolide is able to go from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.17 seconds, all thanks to the heat engine, without any type of electrical aid. But this is not, in our opinion, the most incredible data: in fact the Bolide is able to go from 0 to 400 km / h and back to 0, in just 24.64 seconds. For comparison, the record for a road car was recorded with a Koenigsegg Regera in 31.49 ".

The Bugatti Bolide has not yet been tested at the Nurburgring, but simulations claim it would take 5'23 "and 1 cent, just 4 seconds longer than the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo, twice winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The braking system, needless to say, is made up of 4 carbon ceramic discs, 340mm at the front and 400mm at the rear, with very light 6-piston calipers, weighing just 2.4 kg .

Racing design, but two-seater

With this car, Bugatti put aside the idea of ​​luxury and aesthetic beauty, and concentrated on making a uncompromising track, as you can see from the images: massive aileron, central fin, generously sized air intakes - one also on the roof, low nose, are all elements that make the Bugatti Bolide a monster dedicated to the track. br> The driving position, and in general the passenger compartment as a whole, is certainly less luxurious and comfortable resp compared to the other models of the house, but still allows to accommodate 2 people on really thin carbon seats.

We do not know if Bugatti will ever want to mass-produce this car, however small it is: to date it is only of a concept, an exercise in style that shows the world what could happen if Bugatti decided to produce cars for the Endurance championship.

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