Bonus 500 euros: the requirements of the connections

Bonus 500 euros: the requirements of the connections
As soon as Infratel has published the list of operators accredited to the initiative on its website, families with an ISEE of less than 20,000 euros will be able to apply for the so-called 500 euro bonus for PC and Internet provided by the Voucher Plan. It will be intended for those who sign a new contract for a connectivity service.

500 euro bonus: which connection to get the contribution?

Both families and still at home can do it they do not have Internet access (those on mobile plans are not considered) and those who have a low-performing line. From the documents that are appearing in these days on the official portal of the project we learn the minimum requirements in terms of speed for which the contribution is expected:

at least 30 Mbps in download with minimum guaranteed band of at least 15 Mbps; at least 15 Mbps upload with minimum guaranteed bandwidth of at least 7.5 Mbps. So Italy intends to use part of the available funds to deal a blow to the scourge of the digital divide that still afflicts a considerable portion of our local population, with everything that follows in terms of opportunities, access to information and competitiveness.

We remind you that at the same time as signing the connectivity contract, the bonus also entitles you to obtain a tablet or computer: we refer to the dedicated article to the minimum technical specifications for further information. Here is what is read in the document.

It should also be noted that the supply of tablets or personal computers is also envisaged, of which the beneficiaries will acquire ownership after twelve months from the activation of the contract.

The application to fill in to ask for the contribution is already online, but as written at the beginning, you will have to wait for the Infratel site to host the list of accredited operators and then present it to the specified sales channels.

Source: Infratel

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