Bonus 500 euros: the PDF of the application to obtain it

Bonus 500 euros: the PDF of the application to obtain it
The legislative and bureaucratic process for the disbursement of the so-called 500 euro PC and Internet Bonus continues and the admission form is now available to fill in to request the contribution that we remember to be reserved in this first phase of the Voucher Plan for families with an ISEE lower than 20,000 euros. We invite you to download the PDF from the official Infratel website.

500 euro bonus for PCs and tablets: the application form

To present it, however, it is still early: we will have to wait for the publication of the list of accredited operators, after which all you have to do is interface with them through traditional sales channels (shops, shopping centers, electronics chains, service points and so on). Below is the document to fill in with your personal data and in which to specify the code of the offer you intend to join.

As specified, at the time of delivery it is necessary to present some attachments: a photocopy of the identity document, one of the tax code of the person making the request and the existing contract (if signed) with a service profile of less than 30 Mbps.

Finally, we refer to the article that resumes all the main questions and answers on the contribution to dispel any doubts on the subject and the one in which the minimum technical specifications of the computers and tablets are listed, which can be requested at the same time as signing a new connectivity contract.

Source: Infratel

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