Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies UPS: Features and Prices

Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies UPS: Features and Prices
Are you looking for a guide that will show you in detail what are the best UPS units currently on the market? Very well, you found it! In this in-depth analysis we will discover the devices belonging to this category that have impressed us the most.

Not only that: before entering the focus of the article, we will give you some coordinates on the UPS: we will see what are, how they work, why buy them and the various types available. Happy reading!

What is an uninterruptible power supply or UPS

First of all, let's see together what an uninterruptible power supply is. In English it is called UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): it is an auxiliary power supply system, which mainly serves to prevent breakage of the connected hardware and consequent loss of data.

Therefore, an uninterruptible power supply represents a very important resource for all those devices that protect sensitive data or in any case of a certain importance. Basically, this device intervenes when the electric current should jump, allowing the connected devices to remain switched on, avoiding their sudden switch-off.

Furthermore, among its functions there is also that of avoiding any other problems related to the electricity supply. Having made this quick analysis, we can now go to the discovery of its functioning a little more specifically.

How a UPS works

We have already mentioned it in the previous paragraph, but let's add a few more details on how a UPS works. Basically, this device is interposed between the electrical outlet and the PC / any other device that works by means of electricity.

Its action is this: it stores energy in a battery when it is powered by the electricity grid is regular, but when the latter is interrupted, the UPS takes over releasing that accumulated energy to the connected appliance.

It is understood how the UPS plays a very important role, since it ensures a continuity of operation to the device that benefits from it.

Why buy an uninterruptible power supply system

The electrical network has structural problems that can lead to hardware breakage or data loss (we think blackouts or impure energy). Owning a UPS, which can be used both at home and in the office, can "save you" in all those situations in which the electricity grid does not perform well.

Let's take a concrete example: you are working on a long document and complex for a few hours, and suddenly the power goes out. If you forgot to save the file, you will certainly have lost all the work done since the last save. But there is no limit to the worst, because if the PC has suffered irreparable damage, you will have lost everything. And above all, it probably won't even be worth repairing your computer.

Now you understand why a UPS is so important, especially if you work with certain tools for many hours: not just computers, but also monitors, routers , external storage systems such as NAS, consoles and servers. The UPS battery lasts for a few minutes: more than enough time to save everything you've worked on and to avoid losing the work done. The hardware will then shut down normally, without causing damage.

How to choose a UPS

Excellent, now we can go and see how to choose an UPS. The choice depends on your needs, and in particular taking into consideration the devices you intend to connect, but not only. Here are all the factors that should be taken into account.


There are three types of UPS, namely offline UPS, online UPS and line-interactive UPS. If you do not pay attention to the type of UPS, you could really buy a product that is not very useful compared to what you are actually looking for. Let's analyze them all in detail, so as not to get confused.


Of the UPS types, the offline one is the cheapest. In fact, its basic functions make it good only for domestic environments and for connecting insensitive systems. It is activated when the input voltage is lower / higher than a limit threshold, powering the connected devices through its internal battery.


Also defined as "double conversion ”, Online UPSs are the most expensive, also because they integrate advanced features that make them suitable for corporate and office environments. Their features are perfect for connecting sensitive instruments and devices. In summary, they convert the AC input current into DC, powering the connected instruments. Unlike other uninterruptible power supplies on the market, this type offers stable energy to all those delicate devices sensitive to electrical fluctuations.

Line interactive

The right middle ground between the Offline UPS and online UPS: line interactive are very versatile UPS, in the sense that they can be installed at home but also in a small-medium-sized company. Line interactive UPSs filter the incoming AC current, protecting it from spikes, electrical noise and other critical issues. In this way the current reaches the sensitive connected devices always clean.


Another parameter to be taken into consideration is the power of the UPS, to be compared to the energy consumption of the devices that you will go to connect. Our advice is obviously to buy a UPS with a wattage higher than the average consumption of the devices you will connect.

Otherwise, that is, UPS with a lower wattage than the connected devices, if the power fails, do not will manage to keep them on. And therefore it will prove to be a useless investment. In conclusion, it is good to calculate the Watts of each device, after which you can proceed with a conscious purchase.

Wave Type

Among the relevant aspects when we talk about UPS there is also the type of wave that comes out of the device, and that powers the connected devices. It is a sine wave, which in the less expensive UPS can be simulated by a square wave or an approximate wave.

In the more advanced ones it is called pure sine wave: in the higher quality UPS the output sine wave is even better than the input one.


Finally, one last element to consider concerns the type of inputs on the back of the UPS. Some have not only the classic Schucko sockets, but also the IEX 320 C13 ones.

Most popular UPS

As you can imagine, there are several UPS brands on the market, but only a few deserve really. Among these there is undoubtedly APC, a company that has been dealing with physical infrastructures and power supplies in the IT sector for about 40 years.

Vultech, a 100% Italian brand founded in 2010, which produces and distributes products, is also excellent hi-tech and consumer electronics. Tecnoware, another made in Italy company, also deserves a mention.

Best UPS units

So, now we are really ready to go and find out which are the best UPS units available currently on the market. We have selected in particular five devices that could be right for you, here they are!

Tecnoware UPS ERA PLUS 750

The first device we recommend is the Tecnoware model UPS ERA PLUS 750. It is a UPS designed to connect Windows PC, DVR, modem for ADSL or fiber. It connects to the mains with Schuko input (it has two Schuko output sockets). It has a power of 750VA.

Tecnoware UPS ERA PLUS 750 is on sale on Amazon at the price of 36.8 euros

APC Back-UPS ES 700

We continue with another brand, namely APC, which has created a UPS specifically designed for the management of different types of devices. It is APC Back-UPS ES 700, an uninterruptible power supply that can boast 8 Schuko sockets and a power of 700VA. It also features surge protection for all ports.

APC Back-UPS ES 700 is on sale on Amazon for € 129.99

APC Back - UPS BX - BX1400UI

Great value for money for APC Back-UPS BX, in this 1400VA version. Among its main features there are 6 IEC-C13 outputs. This product has been designed for both home and business needs.

APC Back - UPS BX - BX1400UI is on sale on Amazon at a price of 150.42 euros


We are definitely going up the level with the APC Back UPS Pro series, which is already one of the professional grade UPS. In addition to the 900VA of power and the presence of 6 IEC outputs, this product also integrates an LCD display that is used to monitor its status.

APC Back UPS PRO BR900MI is on sale on Amazon at a price of 185 euros

VulTech UPS1500VA-PRO

We conclude our guide with VulTech UPS1500VA-PRO, another UPS with an excellent quality-price ratio, since it guarantees a high reliability. This model is line-interactive and has a power of 1500VA, 4 Schuko sockets and AVR and overload protections. It can be suitable for both home and business use, as long as there are not too many devices to connect.

VulTech UPS1500VA-PRO is on sale on Amazon at the price of

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