PlayStation Store, offers of 17 October 2020

PlayStation Store, offers of 17 October 2020
PlayStation Store renews its offers with two new promotions: Halloween, valid until November 3, which promises discounts of up to 70% on a wide selection of titles; and the now traditional Games for less than 20 euros, valid until October 29.

It goes without saying that there are really numerous PS4 games available at a reduced price: below you will find a list with the deals as usual most interesting, made up of products that for the most part will probably enjoy extra optimizations on PS5.

DOOM Eternal

Lowest price ever for DOOM Eternal (34.99 euros instead of 69, 99), proposed for the second time on the PS Store at half the official figure and absolutely perfect for a promo linked to the Halloween party: in the id Software shooter the blood flows freely and we will have to face hordes of demonic monsters. More themed than that, you literally die.

After the events of DOOM, the clash between the DOOM Slayer and the hordes of hell moves to planet Earth, which is quickly put on fire by powerful creatures. In search of the three Priests behind the attack, our task will be to make our way through an entire army of rather aggressive enemies, using new and spectacular weapons.

Resident Evil 2

Excellent offer on the Deluxe Edition of Resident Evil 2 (19.99 euros instead of 49.99): not an unprecedented discount, but also in this case the lowest price ever for the remake of the classic Capcom survival horror, characterized by a extraordinary technical sector and even more suitable than DOOM Eternal for Halloween atmospheres.

You all know the story: the city of Raccoon City finds itself invaded by zombies and the two protagonists, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, find themselves trapped in the old police station together with an indefinite amount of not dead. However, the building hides secrets and appears to be related to the outbreak, so we will have to solve the mystery and find an escape route to save ourselves.

Days Gone

Were we talking about zombies? Those of Days Gone (20.29 euros instead of 69.99) are not called exactly that, but the result is the same: after the spread of an unknown virus, the world has ended in chaos and the few survivors have holed up in fortified cities in the American hinterland, far from the old metropolises that are now besieged by the undead.

In the midst of this chaos, Deacon St. John is a former biker who puts his skills and his bike at the disposal of the best bidder, taking care of carrying out tasks that are also rather risky for the various factions competing for the territory. Until something awakens in him the memories of a very painful past ...


Another round, another perfect title for Halloween night: MediEvil (14.99 euros instead of 29 , 99) takes the great Sony classic of 1998 and redesigns it from a technical point of view, modifying characters and settings respecting the original work and proposing an excellent orchestral soundtrack, updated for the occasion.

When the evil wizard Zarok returns to threaten the inhabitants of Gallowmere, the brave knight Sir Daniel Fortesque rises from the grave to defend the kingdom from the attack of hordes of monsters and repellent creatures. It's a pity that the gameplay hasn't been modernized and is therefore still rather slippery and inaccurate: a problem that won't burden nostalgics too much.

Games for less than 20 euros

Let's move on then to the second promotion underway on the PlayStation Store, that of Games for less than 20 euros, which allows you to take home a fair number of titles for PS4 by paying a figure of less than 20 euros. Actually scrolling through the list you can see that there are several deals well below that sum, and some are really hard to ignore.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst at 3.99 euros instead of 19.99, to begin with, is an unmissable offer. Reboot of the famous DICE series, the adventure will see us carry out increasingly complex missions on the very high buildings of a futuristic city in the role of a skilled runner, Faith, an expert in parkour but also perfectly able to defend herself from the attack of police forces responding to the orders of a totalitarian government.

The Ultimate Edition of Titanfall 2 is excellent for € 5.99 instead of 29.99: the Respawn Entertainment shooter boasts an engaging and spectacular campaign, which tells the story of a Pilot and his Titan amid violent battles fire, environmental puzzles to solve and a growing relationship of man-machine friendship. Added to this is also a solid multiplayer sector that enriches the already fantastic one of the first episode.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided at 4.49 euros instead of 29.99 can serve as an excellent starter for sci-fi atmospheres. fi of Cyberpunk 2077, also starting from very robust bases. In this episode, agent Adam Jensen finds himself in the middle of a real war between augmented and ordinary people, and he will have to put all his resources to the bottom to identify and stop those who move the threads of a worldwide conspiracy that could change everything. .

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