Apex Legends: a leak reveals the next legends

Apex Legends: a leak reveals the next legends
Through a leaked screen, 7 legends of "Apex Legends" seem to have been leaked.

Thanks to this "stolen" image, in fact, we can find out which are 7 samples that can accompany us up to to season 13, one for each season if we follow Respawn's release pace.

Full unblurred roster from @ Biast12 on twitter from ApexUncovered Some of them are already known, such as Blisk and Ash from Titanfall 2.

Continuing, after Rampart in season 6 Valk, already seen with his abilities previously, should come out, while Blisk and Ash in seasons 8 and 9.

Here is the complete list of the characters leaked:

Valk Blisk Ash Horizon Fuse Firebug Husaria Don't forget to follow us on our social networks to stay up to date on your favorite titles!

Last modified: October 1, 2020

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