Apex Legends: here are the news of season 6!

Apex Legends: here are the news of season 6!
On August 18th, the new season of Apex Legends is out: season 6!

It brought with it many new features, including:

New Battle Pass Map changes New weapon New system of creation New legend New story

Battle Pass

New packs, weapon and legend skins and launch emotes have arrived with the new battle pass, with the addition of a novelty: holo-spray that replaces the lap some sentences!

Changes to the map

Changes have been made to the "World Borders" map, in particular the following areas:


Hammond continues its expansion at World's End.

The launch base will be located west of Cupola, in an area previously occupied by lava.

At the center of this new point of interest will be a gigantic missile, visible in the mountains even from great distances.


Drilling area has been replaced by Countdown, a mysterious structure in the Hammond.

Collection point

This is a smaller point of interest, located in the heart of a busy area in the center of the map . It replaces a small area previously located under the rails east of the Collector.

New weapon


The volt is the new SMG energy ammunition weapon, introduced in season 6 and replacing the R-99 (now a legendary weapon found in service pods).

New legend: Rampart

Passive ability: modified magazine

Increased magazine capacity and faster reloads when using a LMG or the fixed machine gun.

Tactical ability: amplified cover

Builds a wall of cover that raises an amplified barrier and blocks incoming shots and strengthens outgoing ones.

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