Accenture leader of IDC MarketScape Managed Security Services

Accenture leader of IDC MarketScape Managed Security Services
Accenture has positioned itself as a leader in the latest IDC MarketScape review of Managed Security Services (MMS) providers. In particular, in the recent report drawn up by IDC MarketScape, 17 suppliers of managed security services are evaluated, through the analysis of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics that define the current market demands and the expected purchasing needs of consumers.

The main supplier assessment tool of the ICT sector outlines a clear framework through which it is possible to meaningfully compare product and service offerings, capabilities and strategies, current and future market success factors or suppliers specialized in the sector.

Within this study, among the many strengths identified regarding Accenture's performance, the following emerged: the company's ability to integrate managed security services with a wide range of services such as cyber incident response, threat identification, forensic activity, strategy and planning, secure quality of data, IoT / OT and cloud technologies, solidity of governance and risk management.

In addition, the qualities related to intelligence services aimed at resolving existing or emerging threats, the analysis of malware and the capabilities of the forensic platform; the ability to provide a clear view of the customer's business operations along the entire value chain and its detailed understanding of the infrastructure, both internally and how the company interacts with external entities.

Then, Accenture's focus on working closely with the entire ecosystem of the company in order to manage the security risks within the managed security services, and the ability to understand the commercial, regulatory and technical issues of its customers and the use of innovative technologies, including advanced analytics to improve automation techniques within the platform.

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