600 euros from INPS: watch out for the phishing scam

600 euros from INPS: watch out for the phishing scam
Today INPS and the State Police resume on their respective social profiles a notice already issued in recent weeks and relating to a phishing campaign in progress. It is reasonable to assume that the scam attempt is still in progress and that, indeed, it is increasingly widespread. The subject of the message sent is an elusive 600 euro bank transfer issued by the Institute: it asks you to urgently open an attached link and update your details to receive the money. The advice is to immediately trash everything.

Beware of the email from INPS for the 600 euro bank transfer

In time of bonuses linked to COVID-19, the less attentive could be tempted by clicking on the link with the prospect to obtain the contribution. In any case, we remind you that for the methods of recognizing the allowances it is good to refer only and exclusively to the official INPS website. Below is the text.

Dear ***, we are pleased to announce that we have issued the bank transfer in your favor ID CVD-IT-SP-12334124/2020 of € 600.00 from I.N.P.S. Unfortunately your bank details are not correct, to receive the transfer update your details and confirm your identity by accessing the link attached in this email. Immediately update the information from the button below.

🔴 #phishing mail ask for updating of bank details in order to have #bonus 600 € from @INPS_it #Poliziapostale advises not to open the link and not to provide personal data. Info on Inps services available exclusively on https://t.co/vvIOl5P32e # 26ottobre #essercisempre pic.twitter.com/5ZwKpgQcvg

- State Police (@poliziadistato) October 26, 2020

To push the potential victim of the scam into action, the link is described as "valid for 24 hours only". The click would almost certainly result in the opening of a form in which to enter personal or sensitive information, then captured by the bad guys and used for criminal purposes.

The link is valid only for *** and will expire in 24 hours . If you do not update your details within 24 hours, unfortunately we will have to return the transfer and block your account until further information.

To give the message a sort of additional authority a note that prohibits its reproduction and request feedback in case of errors.

The content of this email is addressed only to the people to whom it is addressed, reproduction and use are forbidden without the authorization of the sender. If this email is received by mistake, please kindly inform us by phone, fax or email.

At the end of September INPS reported another scam asking to download and open a password protected attachment.

Source: State Police on Twitter

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