INPS to workers: quarantine is disease

INPS to workers: quarantine is disease
Full-blown COVID-19 disease is managed like any other common disease event. This is essentially the indication provided today by INPS in a note that focuses attention on private workers entitled "Measures for the protection of the quarantine period". A topic for discussion especially at a time like this, with the health crisis making a comeback and with a massive adoption of smart working on a large scale.

Quarantine and disease: the communication of 'INPS

The reference is to the Cura Italia decree of last spring which “ordered, for the purposes of economic treatment, the equation of quarantine to illness”. For the recognition it is necessary that the attending physician provides the certificate relating to the quarantine period.

Workers entitled to social security protection for illness at the expense of the Institute are therefore granted an economic social security allowance, with a related contribution figurative.

In short, when subjected to quarantine for reasons related to COVID-19, you can benefit from the protection provided in a normal state of illness and you can consider yourself relieved of your duties, even if asymptomatic and with the possibility to access the tools to carry them out remotely.

For employees in possession of the recognition of disability with connotation of severity or in possession of a risk condition for immunosuppression, outcomes from oncological diseases or life-saving therapies, the period indicated in the sickness certificate produced by the worker is equivalent to hospitalization.

For any further clarification, INPS's invitation is to consult message 3871 of 23 October 2020 relating to the "operating instructions regarding the adjustment of the sums advanced by the employers".

Source: INPS

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