Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging 80W, from 0 to 100 in 19 minutes on the next smartphones?

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging 80W, from 0 to 100 in 19 minutes on the next smartphones?
Smartphone battery charging technology is making great strides in recent years, with various manufacturers battling it out with ever faster solutions and in some cases exceeding 100W of cable power. Induction technology has also received the same treatment, Xiaomi has just announced its technology that can fully charge a smartphone in just 19 minutes at 80W without the need for a direct connection.

The convenience of induction charging is indisputable: just place your smartphone on one of the special bases scattered around your home or office, without having to worry about looking for a cable and connecting it to the USB port, to start recovering some of the energy lost during the day. Until now, however, the various wireless charging solutions had never stood out for speed, with the majority of devices able to receive 10 to 15 W of power resulting in a fairly slow charging.

Until now, with the exception of some particular smartphones such as Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra which even wirelessly reaches 50W, this method was replaced by the more classic wired charger in case of short time available for a quick emergency recharge. Xiaomi seems to want us to definitively forget the need to depend on the use of the fragile USB port, with the new Mi Wireless Charging technology capable of reaching 80W, a value that many smartphones, even top of the range, are not able to get even via cable .

This announcement comes in a record year for the company: in March 2020 the company announced its 40W wireless charging technology, a record broke shortly after with the marketing of the first smartphone with inductive charging at 50W. With the presentation of this further step forward, Xiaomi aims to establish a new and very high reference standard.

The demo was carried out on a modified model of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro with 4000mAh battery and the result is truly amazing. Being able to regain 10% battery in just one minute, even 50% in 8 minutes and fully recharge your smartphone in 19 minutes will definitely change users' charging habits.

In the future we will no longer have to worry about recharge the smartphone at night to start the day with 100% battery but we can simply leave the smartphone on the wireless charging base for a few minutes only when necessary.

Xiaomi Mi 10 in Coral Green color with 128GB of memory internal and 8GB of RAM is available on Amazon for only € 510.00.

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