Xbox Series X: With the acquisition of Microsoft, MachineGames promises sparks

Xbox Series X: With the acquisition of Microsoft, MachineGames promises sparks
As surely all of you will know very well, among the most important innovations that have come to present themselves over the last few weeks there is, in particular, the acquisition of Zenimax - and all the development studies connected to it - by Microsoft, a historical moment that no one could ever have even remotely imagined and potentially capable of contributing not a little to what will be the future of the Xbox Series X / S. The news has obviously left millions of gamers speechless and there are many questions that revolve around the future of IP that have ended up in the hands of the American company, questions that continue to find answers that are never completely clarifying but still useful for getting a general idea of ​​the strategy that will be implemented by the Redmond company.

Such an important change of register, however, will obviously have important repercussions also for those same teams that have now become part of the Xbox ecosystem, well-known software houses that they will now be able to count on even higher investments, expanded organic and, of course, all the technologies that Microsoft has. Well, through the official Bethesda Blog, the MachineGames guys wanted to talk about the situation that arose with the acquisition of Microsoft, winking at what seems to be a very bright future in the shores of Xbox Series X / S. The team promised sparks for its next projects, relying on the resources of a giant like Microsoft and on the new technologies coming, with Jim Kjellin in particular, Chief Technology Officer of the software house, who said:

“The new data storage devices we have access to will be extremely important. On PC it has been possible to take advantage of particularly fast devices for some time, but finally these tools are about to become the norm even on consoles. This will allow us to change everything related to video game design. The historic problem of uploads, which often and willingly breaks the rhythm of every videogame experience, will be totally forgotten ".

Gameplay Director Fredrik Ljungdahl also wanted to have his say on the issue, but he can concentrate specifically on the acquisition by Microsoft: “I believe that being part of the Microsoft ecosystem will allow us , for the future, to make even more unforgettable titles. Now we will be able to get in touch with many experts, skilled developers, tools that are new to us and technical solutions that have never been tested ". In short, it seems that MachineGames is enthusiastic about what has recently happened, certain that such a step will allow it to reach qualitative peaks never seen before. For our part, we sincerely hope that the team will be able to amaze us all, especially after the dangerous misstep made with Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and we can't wait to find out what the future of Xbox Series X holds. / S

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