Xbox Series X gets very hot? Comparison with PS4 Pro and an RTX 3080

Xbox Series X gets very hot? Comparison with PS4 Pro and an RTX 3080
To welcome the new next-generation Microsoft consoles in our house now is just under a month. A period of time that will most likely pass in slow motion, waiting to be able to do all the tests we want with Xbox Series X | S. For several weeks, however, many newspapers have been tinkering with the consoles in preview, so as to let us know in advance what we should expect next November 10.

One of the aspects that interests players most is the temperature they can reach the new consoles. In this case Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat did a direct test to sense and report the temperature of the Xbox Series X in comparison to PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and an Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card. Each system was booted after an outage of 30 minutes, then Hitman 2's Mumbai level was run for 10 minutes on each platform before testing the system temperature.

Xbox Series X: Heats Up A Lot?

The results obtained from this test carried out by Grubb, they have been different and divided into various measurements so as to better frame the various temperatures reached by Xbox Series X in comparison to the other platforms examined.

Average temperature

Xbox Series X: 47.7 ° C Xbox One X: 52.1 ° C PlayStation 4 Pro: 62.5 ° C RTX 3080: 35.5 ° C

Minimum temperature

Xbox Series X: 38.9 ° C Xbox One X: 50 ° C PlayStation 4 Pro: 60.1 ° C RTX 3080: 32.1 ° C

Maximum temperature

Xbox Series X: 50.4 ° C Xbox One X: 54.5 ° C PlayStation 4 Pro: 65 ° C RTX 3080: 44.1 ° CI final results attest that in comparison to the consoles of the current generation, Xbox Series X heats much less; while coupled with an RTX 3080 graphics card, the latter has the better of the temperatures. That said, Microsoft has placed a lot of emphasis on an efficient cooling system that is already proving to be functional. What do you think of this test proposed by Jeff Grubb?

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